Pursuit of innovation and continuous improvement

DRB UK Maintenance, a TSG UK Company, is totally committed to delivering a five-star service to its clientele. To support its initiative, the company has fortified its team with expertise through rigorous training initiatives, ensuring unparalleled quality in electric vehicle charging (EVC) infrastructure maintenance and commissioning services.

In a strategic move to elevate service standards, DRB UK Maintenance has invested in training programmes tailored to equip its contract electrical engineers with the latest industry knowledge and certification.

At present, the company boasts a commendable roster of ten Compex engineers, reflecting its dedication to meeting the highest safety standards in hazardous environments. Moreover, eight DRB field engineers have completed intensive Alpitronic EVC maintenance and commissioning training, further enhancing the company’s proficiency in servicing electric vehicle charging infrastructure – a crucial aspect of the evolving energy landscape.

The significance of these training endeavours extends beyond mere certification numbers. Each engineer’s newfound expertise translates into improved capabilities in diagnosing, troubleshooting and maintaining diverse systems, thereby reinforcing DRB UK Maintenance’s position as a leader in the successful delivery of EVC infrastructure and electrical services in hazardous areas and PFS (petrol filling stations).

Congratulations go to Mark Royle, Jason Boyle, Mark Bradshaw, Barry Harper, Chris Finnegan, Chris Adkins, Craig Simmonds, Don Johnson, Dylan Stewart, Dylan McArthur, Scott Ahern and Martyn Quigley for their hard work and dedication in completing all of the training successfully.

“Our investment in training reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence and safety,” remarks John Leathem, Operations Director of DRB UK Maintenance. “By equipping our engineers with the latest skills and certifications, we not only ensure the highest standards of service delivery but also reaffirm our dedication to the safety and satisfaction of our clients. “Clients of DRB UK Maintenance can rest assured that their facilities are in capable hands, with a team of seasoned professionals backed by the latest industry knowledge and certifications. This proactive approach not only fosters trust and confidence but also sets a new benchmark for service excellence in the sector.”

Looking ahead, DRB UK Maintenance remains steadfast in its pursuit of innovation and continuous improvement, with plans for ongoing training and development initiatives to keep its team at the forefront of industry standards. In a constantly changing landscape, DRB UK Maintenance stands as a beacon of reliability, poised to meet the evolving needs of its clients with unwavering dedication and expertise.

More information on DRB UK, a TSG UK Company: drb-uk.co.uk

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