IDENTIC spill-free refilling system

The IDENTIC spill-free vehicle refilling system is a fast, safe and efficient way to:

  • Protect the environment by eliminating the risk of spill
  • Increase the effective refilling speed
  • Ensure vehicles are always filled to the correct level
  • Remove the risk for overfilling
  • Reduce the risk of unauthorised fuel usage
  • Save money, fuel and time

Fast, automatic refilling without spillage

Refilling vehicles quickly, safely and efficiently is an ever-increasing priority. The IDENTIC SVR system automatically fills a vehicle to the optimal level and without supervision from the operator. This removes the risks associated with operator error and spillage. The SVR system uses a combination of depot and vehicle-mounted equipment.
Depot equipment includes the monitoring system which automatically manages the entire refilling process and controls the flow of fuel. An IDENTIC SVR nozzle with integrated spill-free coupling ensures there is no spill during or after the fill.
Vehicle-mounted equipment includes the mating spill-free coupling with an integrated ventilation valve. This automatically vents the tank during the filling process. An intrinsically safe level sensor is used to determine the optimum fill level in the tank and is connected via a 2-pin contact. A range of tank connection flanges is available to suit different tank designs.

Optimum fuel level control

The tank connection flange includes an underfilling hose inside the tank which ensures the tank is filled from the bottom up. This enables refuelling to take place at higher flow rates as the fuel level rises in a controlled manner and without splashing. Traditional filling nozzles are prone to early shut off which leads to vehicles running out of fuel while in service, something the SVR system eliminates. When the fuel reaches the level sensor, the flow is automatically shut off. This process ensures the tank is always filled to precisely the correct level while ensuring adequate space is left for any expansion due to increases in temperature.

Environmentally friendly

Regulations set high standards for safety in the workplace and environmental protection, so reducing the risks caused by spillage is an increasing focus area. The IDENTIC SVR system eliminates the risk of spillage before, during, and after the refuelling operation, which significantly reduces the risk of accidents and environmental damage.

Interface principles

Connector Connected

Only when the nozzle is connected to the male connector on the vehicle are the internal valves opened and the flow of fuel is possible.

Connector Disconnected

When the nozzle is not connected to the male connector the flow of fuel is prevented by the internal valves and spillage is not possible from either part.

The IDENTIC CE10 terminal is a multifunctional, fuel lane controller with advanced, configurable features.

• Intuitive user interface with colour LCD touch display
• Controls spill-free technology (SVR)
• Supports multiple AVI capabilities
• Increased functionality and remote diagnostics
• Ethernet connectivity
• Seamless integration with IDENTIC’s ID Link and ID Link Cloud software

Daily Service and refilling of heavy duty vehicles

IDENTIC depot systems manage and automate the complete process of refilling fuels and chemicals during the daily service of heavy-duty vehicles.  The lane terminals are configurable to suit the end-users operation and requirements.

The systems automatically identify the vehicle and log the use of any number of fuels and chemicals found in a modern refilling area.  Transaction data is automatically synchronised with our cloud-based services and is made available via our sync service in the cloud

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