LOGmaster high-end terminal


With its sleek and contemporary design, LOGmaster has one of the industry’s smallest footprints. Both the standalone and wall box models are housed in robust frames with protective coated panels that ensure their longevity, even in the harshest conditions.


Drivers and/or vehicles are easily identified by the use of secured wireless tags (e.g. Desfire, Legic or MiFare reader) or one of the other verification options including; magstripe cards, barcode reader, or automatic vehicle identification. Being able to operate all devices using a single tag is just one of LOGmaster’s many advantages.


The LOGmaster standalone version provides additional space to upgrade the terminal with extra features like our best-in-class ticket printer, barcode reader, 4G router and more.


The terminal’s new touchscreen with an interactive display means a seamless and swift customer interaction. The landscape screen is positioned at optimum height and slightly tilted to offer the best user experience available on the market today.

LOGmaster product range


Complete in-depth management of all fuel transactions, offering a multitude of parameters to set restrictions and prevent erroneous actions.


Control the dispensation of compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) or hydrogen in a reliable way, even when fuelling takes place overnight. Advanced settings such as quantities and low flow rate deactivation, allow stable and safe operations.


Straightforward monitoring of a site’s EV charging operations, offering all of the required functionalities, while having the freedom to connect multiple charger brands, giving site operators complete control.


Enabling clean and swift operation of the car/truck/bus wash, through a simple wash programme selection process, user permission settings and automated reports per customer.

LOGmaster Interface

Time-efficient monitoring of all of the equipment on site, through a clear visual overview. The intuitive, user-friendly dashboard allows site owners to upload an image of their depot and easily identify the equipment using drag and drop icons.

Status notifications indicate any potential issues and provide the exact location of the device, allowing site operators to respond in a timely and precise manner.

LOGmaster’s responsive design ensures a perfect display every time, as the interface adjusts smoothly to various screen sizes or layouts, regardless of device type.

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