TSG Wash is the UK’s vehicle cleaning expert.

Contact us to help you design, build, install and deliver your next
state-of-the-art answer to your car, bus, and lorry wash solutions.


  • Kärcher – The brand that does the selling for you on your forecourt.
  • Our systems alert you if stocks run low (washing products).
  • Kärcher Jet wash systems are modular and can be expanded to eight washing stations
  • TSG provide ongoing support and maintenance
  • Kärcher gantry vehicle washes are of high quality combined with economic and environmentally friendly features.
  • Mechanical cleaning helps save both labour costs and time.
  • A considerable contribution to the positive appearance of a fleet.
  • Complete the vehicle cleaning systems with the Kärcher Vacuum Cleaner – with unbeatable suction power, comfort, and design.

Recognised brands can sell the same product multiple times, building a strong brand and client loyalty ultimately improving your revenue.

TSG Wash's core products

We provide a complete range of Kärcher products that are modular and expandable up to eight washing stations.

WashLOG - Fleet wash control

WashLOG is part of the ProFleet LOGmaster depot control application and enables the clean and swift operation of the car/truck/bus wash, through a simple wash programme selection process, user permission settings and automated reports per customer.

For more information visit LOGmaster

TSG Wash - Karcher Wash Centre

UK's exclusive Kärcher partner
the world's trusted brand

TSG Wash’s exclusive partnership with Kärcher means TSG UK can provide installation, warranty, and maintenance services to all car, bus, lorry, and large vehicle wash customers. We offer the complete product portfolio of vehicle cleaning technology at Kärcher, including gantry washing portals for cars, buses, lorries, and large vehicles, jet wash, vacuum cleaners, and self-service systems.

TSG Wash - helpdesk

Service and maintenance support
to keep your business going

TSG Wash offer a complete construction service and maintenance solution for Kärcher wash systems. By combining the experience of our in-house service engineers with our knowledgeable helpdesk team, who are ready to resolve any problems you may incur, we ensure nothing stands in the way of your company’s growth.

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