CoffeePay Pro
More than just coffee

In addition to the regular CoffeePay, the CoffeePay Pro version has also been launched. We can best describe it as the CoffeePay 2.0, because with the Pro version you can do that little bit more. Would you like to be able to offer a biscuit, sandwich or bottle of water in addition to coffee? It would be a shame to have to send your customer to the till for this. CoffeePay Pro makes it possible to pay for additional items in addition to coffee. Upselling becomes very easy this way! To make usage as clear as possible for your customer, a small touch screen has been added to the CoffeePay unit itself. This allows the customer to see exactly what else he has chosen, whether or not in addition to his coffee.

CoffeePay for your employees
With a fingerprint

CoffeePay with fingerprint, easy to use for employees. They can of course pay in the same way as your customer, but a functionality has been added; pay with the fingerprint. Fancy? Yes, but for good reason. The various options allow you to keep control, in addition to increasing your sales. The increased control is achieved by the built-in fingerprint scanner, which can prevent possible misuse by employees. No more hassle with coins or badges, registering the fingerprint once is all that is needed. Via the Charlie software you can, if desired, set a limit for employees with a slightly too fanatic coffee craving.

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  • Quick and easy self-service for customer

  • Reward loyal customers with loyalty options

  • Optional Cash/Coin option

  • Barcode scanner for promotions or vouchers

  • Fingerprint self-service for employees

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