SGB specialises in leak technology. The company is synonymous with quality in the monitoring of double-walled tanks and pipes, offering the highest level of environmental protection. They develop overpressure and underpressure leak detection technology and leak detectors for double-walled tanks and pipes, continuously monitoring 100% of the time for any leak. SGB has also developed a leak detector that sounds an alarm before any of the stored product is able to enter the environment, preventing environmental pollution, downtime and customer dissatisfaction, making it a key component of any fuel business. SGB also produces leakage sensors for the monitoring of pump sumps and manhole chambers, for example.

It is important that approved and safe monitoring technology is properly installed. Installation must take account of tank set-ups and their characteristics. To ensure that installation is correct, select a partner with up-to-date knowledge of the latest technologies, and who specialises in installing and maintaining such solutions. You can rely on TSG to be that partner. In partnership with SGB, we can provide you with advice about the selected solutions, their installation and maintenance.

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