What is a Driver Controlled Delivery (DCD) System?

The Driver Controlled Delivery unit (DCD) provides an external interface to the tank gauge and can provide information about the fuel stock status at any time, this is especially useful on unmanned sites or outside of normal working hours.  The equipment is housed in a robust cabinet and is available with a pedestal or wall-mounting bracket. The DCD is the perfect solution for any fuel retail forecourt or fleet fuelling site, and for added peace of mind.  TSG can provide ongoing service and maintenance.

How does it work?

The DCD system works by communicating with the tank gauge at the start of delivery, ensuring the tanker driver can confirm there is enough space in the tank to allow the fuel to be delivered safely. When the delivery is completed the tanker driver can print out a delivery report, to confirm the correct volume of fuel was delivered to each tank. If an emergency was to arise during delivery, the DCD incorporates an emergency stop switch and phone.  The DCD unit also has a floodlight circuit to allow clear visibility to the tanker driver in the hours of darkness.

Benefits to your business:

  • Safe delivery may be made at any time 24/7
  • Tank delivery costs are reduced

Additional features:

  • The tank ullage is pre-determined and delivery will stop automatically once the tank reaches capacity
  • The tanker driver has a record of the delivery details
  • Site illumination control
  • Audible overfill alarm
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