Our CSR strategy

“TSG’s commitment on Corporate and Social Responsibility is firstly TSG’s business journey aiming to be a key enabler of the energy transition for mobility. But TSG’s journey on Corporate and Social Responsibility is also TSG’s human adventure as at TSG we think global, but we act human and local, seeing in our people as our first asset.”

Jean-Marc BIANCHI  –  Group Chairman & CEO

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At TSG, we believe in CSR and want to act globally as a responsible actor committed to all of its internal and external stakeholders, steering the energy transition on-the-ground and enabling a new era of responsible mobility solutions. TSG is enabling the energy transition for mobility by being the global provider of technical solutions for energy distribution infrastructure and mobility hubs.

Our 7 principles

TSG is pursuing it CSR Roadmap journey, settling its priorities by reference to the 7 principles empowering all TSG’s activities.

We believe in CSR and will lead by example

As The European Leader in Techical Services for Responsible Mobility Solutions we aim to become one of the best-in-class in CSR, showing the example in the transforming mobility industry. It is why, we have decided to make the fight against the climate change The Purpose of TSG giving to TSG People a great sense to work.

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We uphold the highest ethical standards

As business is covering more than 30 countries across Europe and Africa, serving a wide panel of clients and stakeholders, it requires us to adopt high ethical standards. Our internal Code of Conduct and our Ethics policies set common guidelines applicable to each employee in our everyday work and  our business relationships. This code and policies reflect on our professionalism and expertise worldwide.

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We invest in our people

We want to be a Responsible employer taking care on both its and its employee future. Our human capital has always been the key to our success. Being an industry leader and pioneer in the transition to sustainable mobility services, our expertise and talents are more than ever an asset, at the heart of our business model and  CSR strategy.

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We care for our people and stakeholders

Our activities require us to be mobile and operate on multiple sites, presenting health and safety challenges. Therefore, we regard the health and safety of our employees and stakeholders as an essential aspect in our strategy and corporate culture. It is our responsibility and priority to deliver services in a safe and adequate manner.

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We aim to reduce our environmental impact

We have always considered protecting the environment and delivering our services with efficient resource use as a major concern. We work internally and externally to fight the climate change with all of our stakeholders. We are pioneers in the transition towards biofuels; now, we are disrupting the sector with gas and electric charge, while situated at the cutting-edge of the coming hydrogen revolution.

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We strive to develop sustainable business offers

Mobility is at the heart of today’s climate change and global sustainability challenges. Thus, our environmental, social, and quality commitments are not limited to internal initiatives. Our efforts are highly represented throughout our new business transition and upgraded products and services with the shift that we are leading towards new energies and mobility services.

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We value CSR as a driver in our supply chain

We are convinced of the virtuous circle of CSR and responsibility. In order to deliver high quality services, it is fundamental for us to ensure that our supply chain is in line with our CSR requirements and objectives. We extend our ambition to improve our environmental, social and quality performance to all our value chain.

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Ethical Code of Conduct

TSG Group is constantly looking to comply with the most exigent standards in terms of Ethical rules and appropriate behaviours. Learn about our code of conduct and the commitment of our CEO.

A letter from our CEO

Access our Ethical Code of Conduct

Key Policies

Our policies serve as a guideline to expectations and standards for employees and processes within TSG Group and its subsidiaries.

Health, Safety, Environment

TSG raises Health, Safety and Environment as a value and a top priority for the Group.

Read our HSE Policy

Environmental Sustainability

We aim to lead a business with a high level of social and environmental performance.

Read our CSR Policy
Read Circular Economy Policy

Responsible Procurement

We acknowledge the importance of a responsible supply chain.

Read our Procurement Policy

Human Resources

Human capital is our strongest asset to deliver growth and responsible mobility solutions.

Our HR Policy

Consolidated Report

TSG group consolidated report including every TSG subsidiary.

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