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En one-stop-shop for innovative energi- og detaljhandelsløsninger

Rett rundt hjørnet

TSG designer, bygger og vedlikeholder alle typer energidistribusjonsinfrastruktur for mobilitet, fra bensinstasjonsnettverk til flåter. Som en del av TSG Group har vi det største salgs- og servicenettverket over hele Europa og Afrika.

Ansvarlig mobilitet

Vi baner vei for ansvarlig energi ved å gi sektoren løsninger på gass og elektrisk ladning, inkludert løsninger på den kommende hydrogenrevolusjonen.

Innovativ partner

Når mobilitet går inn i en ny æra, støtter vi å endre rollen til bensinstasjoner og kommersielle flåter, bedrifter og offentlig sektor ved å utvide kundetilbud med ansvarlige energiløsninger, nye detaljhandelsopplevelser og innovative digitale tjenester.

Upcoming event

Besøk oss på Persontrafik 2022, 25.-27. oktober, Stockholmsmässan.

Vårt oppdrag

Muliggjør en mer bærekraftig verden.

Ved å tilby en one-stop-shop for innovative energi- og detaljhandelsløsninger, muliggjør vi overgangen til ansvarlig mobilitet.
Ecovadis Silver Rating 2022

Stolt på av industriledere

Alle prosjekter
The system is so powerful and easy to use that it proactively provides warnings and supplies the related data and visual evidence as a package. That means that problems do not slip…
Ron Perry
View case: A19 Services
TSG has installed its innovative vehicle identification solution, SmartFuel, which has been an interface to four Tokheim ProFleet fuel management systems – DiaLOG across the large depot.
View case: Arriva
I’m very happy with the services provided by TSG
Jaco Pieterse
View case: BF Distributors
I am very happy with the stability and reliability of the data which showed a very erratic behaviour before the upgrade to Tokheim’s DiaLOG system
Mr Raffaele Antonio
View case: Fiat
Our philosophy is quite clear – reduced fuelling times, reduced overheads, reduced fuel prices and more happy customers. Safety and security is paramount at all times on the site with 24 hour…
Ray O’Sullivan
View case: GreatGas
With this new system we can capture all data very easily and subsequently and, most importantly, manage and analyse it. Not only has reporting become easier, but the time it required has…
Steffen Matschke
View case: Hertz
It demonstrates TSG’s expertise and ability to deliver complex turnkey projects for our clients. The site benefits from our total solutions package: Dispensers, Systems, Project Management and Service.
Alessandro Penna
View case: Iper
Especially the service Tokheim provides is experienced as very good: We have a service contract and thanks to preventive maintenance, there are very few problems. In case of failures Tokheim is easily…
Bruno Vannerum
View case: Nina Trans
Since we put the media screens in the response has seen our promotions do very well. The customers really relate to it, they do read it because if there’s a promotion gone…
Joyce Hodgson
View case: Northumberland Station
Peugeot SA (PSA), Europe’s second largest car manufacturer, selected TSG to produce and install storage facilities and fuel distribution equipment at its famous manufacturing site in France.
Peugeot SA (PSA)
View case: Peugeot SA – PSA
“We selected Tokheim’s Quantium dispensers more than 5-years ago to help support our strategy of offering customers a variety of fuel types combined with the reliability and speed of service you would…
Antti Mopel
View case: Olerex
We are very pleased to be the chosen supplier here and for Shell projects further afield. Our commitment to quality in terms of manufacturing and our ability to support our clients locally…
Bill Arundel
View case: Shell Cobham
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