TSG’s Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy

TSG is dedicated to providing transparency in its CSR strategy across the globe, demonstrating commitment to its stakeholders and creating a pathway to sustainable development and long-term success.

TSG’s goal-driven CSR policy has been pivotal in establishing the company as an ethical and responsible participant in the shift to renewable energies.

TSG is driving the energy transition for the transportation sector by delivering technical solutions for energy distribution networks and mobility hubs.

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TSG’s 7 principles

TSG is following its CSR strategy by prioritising the 7 principles embedded in all of its activities.

We believe in CSR and lead by example

TSG is the European leader in technical services for sustainable solutions, and we aim to become one of the best-in-class in CSR, leading by example in the transition to cleaner, energy-efficient transportation.

TSG is dedicated to the fight against climate change, helping to create a better world and inspiring its employees to have a greater sense of pride in their work.

With over 50 years of experience, TSG is an established provider of trusted solutions in the energy sector. Now, we are combining the expertise of our teams with our corporate culture of accountability, to embark on realising our CSR vision of responsible mobility.

This tailored approach to CSR allows us to define common goals across 30 countries, creating a consistent CSR structure to help us achieve our objectives while conserving the autonomy of our respective businesses.

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We uphold high ethical standards

TSG operates in over 30 countries across Europe, the UK and Africa, with an extensive client base and a wide variety of stakeholders. Every TSG business upholds the same high ethical standards and adheres to the company’s robust Code of Conduct.

TSG’s Code of Conduct and Ethics policies outline common guidelines applicable to all employees in their everyday duties and the company’s business interactions. These documents reflect TSG’s professionalism and expertise worldwide.

We regularly train our teams to improve their ethical awareness and sense of morality and manage internal audits to ensure that our high standards are upheld. Our staff are expected to meet or exceed the company’s regulations and the requirements of our partners.

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We invest in our people

TSG is a responsible employer, supporting its employees and their future progression.

TSG is an industry leader and pioneer in the transition to sustainable mobility services. The expertise and talents of our people are key to the continued success of our business model and CSR strategy.

We care for the well-being of our employees and foster skill development, through comprehensive training programmes, to ensure they reach their full potential.

TSG looks to attract new talented candidates who want to make a real difference in the fight against climate change, by achieving sustainable mobility.

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We care for our people and stakeholders

By the very nature of TSG’s customer base, its technicians are required to travel from site to site to carry out their duties and inevitably encounter health and safety challenges from time to time.

TSG regards the health and safety of its employees and stakeholders as a priority in its CSR strategy and corporate culture. It is TSG’s responsibility to deliver services safely and competently across all of its operations.

To ensure these criteria are met and maintained by our Group, we have implemented a robust Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Protection (HSSE) policy covering all of our activities worldwide. Our goals are clearly defined and frequently monitored through key performance indicators.

In support of upholding continuous improvement at TSG, we keep abreast of new health and safety requirements, notably linked to the specifics of responsible mobility solutions and associated risks. We continuously work to provide a safe and secure workplace for all of our employees and ultimately attain zero-accident status.

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We aim to reduce our environmental impact

TSG is dedicated to the fight against climate change and prioritises environmental protection throughout the provision of its services.

In conjunction with our stakeholders, we always act responsibly to aid the preservation of natural resources. Furthermore, we are working with all of our employees globally, to reduce the company’s environmental impact and carbon footprint at every TSG operation.

We are pioneers in the transition toward greener, cleaner energies including biofuels, gas and electricity, while positioning ourselves at the cutting edge of hydrogen power.

We are focussed on the progression to new energies and have revised TSG’s business model accordingly. As a consequence, we are committed to delivering more environmentally sustainable technical solutions and services, fully supported by our people.

We aim to lead by change, improve stakeholder engagement and encourage greater communication with partners.

Read more about our corporate social responsibility strategy here.

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We strive to develop sustainable market strategies

Green transport and cleaner mobility are key to achieving climate goals and global sustainability challenges. Consequently, TSG’s environmental, social and quality commitments are not limited to in-house initiatives.

TSG’s actions are well represented in its new business strategy, with upgraded products and services. TSG is leading the way in the shift toward new energy and mobility services.

As a result, we have developed a tactical plan, TSG 2.0, which focusses on the integration of sustainable products and services into our global business strategy.

TSG provides a one-stop shop of innovative energy and retail solutions, accelerating the transition to responsible energies and broadening consumer choice beyond refuelling. We are also facilitating the progression of energy retailers, with new retail experiences, connected services, and innovative digital solutions. In doing so, we are defining the forecourt of the future.

Today, our services are highly valued and well respected by our partners. We wish to maintain our high technical standards and environmental considerations throughout TSG, as we move toward new energies.

We are focussed on continuous improvement to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and provide services that reflect our ambition to be a major player in responsible mobility

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We value CSR to regulate our supply chain

We believe in the virtuous circle of CSR and its positive impact on the environment and business development.

To deliver high-quality services, TSG needs to ensure the practices of its supply chain are consistent with our CSR requirements and objectives. Our ambition is to improve our environmental, social and governance performance at every stage of the value chain.

This approach toward the supplier chain is in line with the growing level of expectations of our partners and stakeholders, who require complete transparency of TSG’s CSR strategy to better evaluate our performance.

To conclude, we are committed to maintaining the highest ethical and sustainability values and as such, require suppliers to contractually agree to our CSR standards to maintain a cohesive service.

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Ethical Code of Conduct

TSG Group constantly seeks to comply with the most demanding ethical standards and proper conduct.

Learn about our code of conduct and the commitment of our CEO.

A letter from our CEO

Access our Ethical Code of Conduct

Key Policies

Our policies guide employees to meet expectations and standards or determine processes within TSG Group and its subsidiaries.

Health, Safety, Environment

TSG positions Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) as a top priority for the Group.

Read our HSE Policy

Environmental Sustainability

TSG aims to lead a business that performs to a high level of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

Read our CSR Policy
Read Circular Economy Policy

Responsible Procurement

TSG recognises the importance of a responsible supply chain.

Read our Procurement Policy

Human Resources

TSG’s loyal workforce is its most valuable asset in delivering growth and responsible energy distribution solutions.

Our HR Policy

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