CarwashPay, it's that easy!

The simplicity of the user interface ensures a pleasant experience for your customer.

The user interface is designed in such a way that it works intuitively and is therefore very user-friendly. The text, layout, prices, timings and payment methods can all be customised, enabling you to design CarwashPay to your own specific needs.

What makes CarwashPay unique?

    • Various payment options
    • NFC, vouchers, QR code and number plate recognition
    • 6mm tempered glass with a touchscreen made of hardened laminated glass,
      making vandalism virtually impossible
    • A flexible user interface including PCT (Projected Capacitive Touch)
    • Protected against condensation of components in a moist car wash environment
    • Digital receipt – No more wasted paper with an option to email receipts
    • Payment terminal can be connected to all Car Wash brands
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