Wayne fuel dispenser series

Key Features

Wayne Helix design

Intelligent Design

Wayne and IDEO, a renowned design and innovation consultancy, worked together on the design  to deliver:

  • Iconic Style – The new dispenser’s universal architecture allows for global recognition and consistent fuelling experience.
  • Clean Look – To help protect and maintain the equipment there are ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ divisions.
  • Expanded Branding – More space on dispensers and valances for brand visibility.
  • Enhanced Displays – High contrast, ergonomically designed displays, including angled displays and push to start buttons.  Providing better visibility during the day and night.
wayne helix pumps

Safety & Security

Wayne Helix 6000 range meets current safety standards of both IEC and UL and also addresses a wide variety of security concerns.

  • Smart Secure Access – Keeps your dispenser safe by offering the highest level of security against unauthorized access to the dispensers electronic head.
  • Industry-Leading Payment Security  – Incorporates Waynes proven and upgradeable iX Pay™ secure payment technology platform.
  • Personal Safety – with its slim dispenser profile.
Wayne Helix technology

Advanced Technology & High Quality

Using the best of Wayne’s advanced technology creates a superior fuelling experience now and for the future.

  • Modular Design  – By using shared global components and electronics, and the same core user interface, the Helix dispenser simplifies service and reduces installation times.
  • Durable Materials – The dispenser consists of high-performance composites and corrosion-resistant alloys to help reduce common corrosion points and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Attention to Detail – The dispenser’s high-quality appearance makes the forecourt look clean and professional.
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