Key features

Tokheim Fuel POS


The Fuel POS® comes with an easy-to-use set-up application called eMIS. This powerful and intuitive software allows for the quick and accurate transfer of data to the Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS or POS). Setting up of forecourt fuel grades, tanks and pumps is configured swiftly: shop item details, such as description, department and barcodes, are simple to add.

Fuel POS® has recently been enhanced and the new solution retitled Prizma.

In-store sales

The Fuel POS® is easy to use and features clear icons, audible alerts, simple pop-up windows, a carefully designed touchscreen layout and item selection with screen shortcuts. A marketing app that controls discounts, happy hours, promotions and loyalty programmes ensures effective management of shop sales. Combining all this with eMIS means detailed and accurate business reports can be created to optimise sales and stock levels.

DX Retail - Now available from TSG UK

DX Retail allows users to update POS at multiple sites simultaneously.

DX Retail is part of the DFS DX connected solutions platform and enables owners of multiple forecourt sites to manage and update their Tokheim Fuel POS point-of-sale (POS) systems remotely.  DX Retail enables retailers to keep all of their stores’ Tokheim Fuel POS and DFS Self-Checkout Kiosk systems continually up to date while maintaining the highest security standards.  Using Microsoft Azure and intelligent edge technology, DX Retail can drive multiple POS updates simultaneously from any web-enabled device, ensuring stores are always consistent and updated with the latest retail items and pricing across an entire network.


  • Saves time for retailers and enables more frequent Fuel POS® updates.
  • Once subscribed to DX Retail, fuel retailers are able to create specific groups for different sets of fuelling sites, enabling them to make targeted updates at the touch of a button.
  • The system is supported by an advanced back-up and restore function, which decreases the risk of data loss and reduces downtime.
  • DX Retail users also have access to a wide range of reports, such as shift, day, month, year, or accounting day, which eliminates the effort and workload associated with manually collecting individual reports across each site in the network.
  • Additionally, fuel retailers are able to improve their services to customers thanks to DX Retail’s simple receipt retrieval functionality, which allows duplicate receipts to be printed.
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Forecourt Control

Connect to all types of fuel dispensers on the forecourt with ease through a fully integrated digital pump controller. The risk of drive-offs is reduced through built-in alerts, integrated video imagery and fuel prepayment features.

Orion Payment Terminals

The Orion Indoor Payment Terminal can be interfaced to the EPOS or used as a stand-alone payment solution. The Payment Terminal provides secure, traditionally accepted payment methods such as credit, debit, fuel cards, and contactless payment. There are two different models available, Orion/p and Orion/s, both models offer a seamless consumer-facing online payment solution that merchants can count on for years to come.

Orion Payment Terminal Model S
Stand-alone combined unit

  • Powerful combined all-in-one merchant and payment solution that merchants can count on for years to come
  • PCI PTS 5.x, SRED, P2PE encryption
  • 100% online terminal with onboard payment ticket printer (40mm paper roll) VAT is not printed. This belongs to the POS ticket
  • Article & ticket header/footer management via cloud platform
  • Multi-language, full-colour touchscreen with scratch-resistant display glass, angled display, tactile keypad & brand new user interface

Orion Payment Terminal Model P
POS connected terminal

  • Seamless consumer-facing payment solution that merchants can count on for years to come
  • 3rd Party POS connection via IFSF POS2EPS
  • PCI PTS 5.x, SRED, P2PE encryption
  • 100% online terminal (no offline capabilities)
  • Engineered for ultimate customer interaction and reliability with scratch-resistant display glass.
  • Multi-language, full-colour touchscreen, angled display, tactile keypad & brand new user interface
TSG Systems - Tokheim Fuel POS

Wetstock and tank management

Smart wetstock management capabilities help reduce fuel losses and improve compliance. The Fuel POS® helps you to manage your fuel as easily as you manage your stock.

Reliable and secure

The Fuel POS® is the preferred EPOS system for international oil companies and independents alike because its uptime is industry renowned. Your service station can rely on a solution that is fast, stable and ‘future-proof’. Our payment security development meets the PCI’s strictest requirements, offering you better protection against fraud, both now and in the future.

Training and support

The Fuel POS® has a powerful and comprehensive set of tools to help you manage your shop and your wetstock. To get the most out of your Point of Sale, you will need the right support and training. TSG has staff working in direct operations and support in more than 30 countries. We have designed a set of intensive multilingual training courses to get you up to speed and we’re just a telephone call away if you should need any assistance in the future.

Reports overview

The sophisticated reporting features help you to evaluate where you are doing well and to identify areas in which you may be able to improve. Reports available include workforce management, shift reports, cash management, sales activities, access control and wetstock management. Many more are available.

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