LOGmaster FuelLOG Fuel Management System

TSG provides the LOGmaster FuelLOG fuel management system from ProFleet. It is a browser-based platform that allows operators to manage their fuel and equipment from any computer, without any need to install software. Select a stand-alone terminal to control multiple dispensers, or opt for one of the dispenser-integrated solutions. The LOGmaster system is installed in over 70 countries and supports over 20 languages.

Please note: LOGmaster has superseded DiaLOG.  TSG UK will continue to support and maintain DiaLOG equipment for the foreseeable future.

Key features


LOGmaster FuelLOG is one of the most advanced fuel management systems used within the industry. It acts as a true site controller and can drive the majority of equipment commonly installed on site, such as dispensers, level gauges, gates, car washes and camera systems. Where needed, authorisation can then be given using the same identifier.

Other products in the LOGmaster range:

Control the dispensation of compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) or hydrogen reliably, even when fuelling takes place overnight. Advanced settings such as quantities and low flow rate deactivation, allow stable and safe operations.

Straightforward monitoring of a site’s EV charging operations, offering all of the required functionalities, while having the freedom to connect multiple charger brands, giving site operators complete control.

Enabling clean and swift operation of the car/truck/bus wash, through a simple wash programme selection process, user permission settings and automated reports per customer.


A comprehensive system designed to monitor and control various fluids for vehicles, going beyond traditional fuel or gas management. It provides a centralized platform for managing liquids such as brake fluid, coolant/antifreeze, windshield washing liquid, and hydraulic lubricants. By providing real-time data, alerts, and intuitive controls, LubLOG enhances the overall maintenance operations and performance of vehicles.

Perfect for smaller sites that cannot cater to multiple terminals.  It is a FuelLOG system with a different terminal interface, to manage extra devices next to dispensers. Available as a pole or wall box version.

Wetstock Management

LOGmaster supports the same extensive range of functions found on large public stations. Site operators can view stock levels and receive automatic alerts when levels are low or when there is a delivery. If the site has a level gauge,  operators can perform fuel reconciliations. Bigger networks with large fuel throughput would benefit from adopting the Fairbanks wetstock fuel management service.


The LOGmaster application supports all identifiers as standard, from PIN, cost-efficient basic tags and cards to barcode readers, number plate recognition and automatic vehicle identification. Sites can easily be upgraded to any of the enhanced systems without having to change the previous DiaLOG terminal.

Other Fuel Management Systems TSG Support

DiaLOG Fuel Management System

LOGmaster has superseded DiaLOG.  TSG UK will continue to support and maintain DiaLOG equipment for the foreseeable future.

Nova Fuel Management System

The Nova Fuel Management Terminal provides LIVE fuelling information when and where it is needed, at an affordable price. The system is linked directly from the fuel island to the website, so  there is no need for daily polling – all information is updated in real time.

Jigsaw Fuel Management System

The Jigsaw Fuel Management Pump Controllers are uniquely suited for use on railway refuelling stations where there are many fuelling points widely spaced along a platform. They use wireless communications and hence need no expensive communications wiring.

TSG service and maintain, DiaLOG, Nova, Jigsaw, and similar fuel management systems.  If you need more information about the support available for your fleet fuelling business, call 0333 015 3001, or email enquiries.uk@tsg-solutions.com

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