Above Ground Fuel Tanks

All above ground fuel tanks supplied by the company are manufactured from steel to a design that meets the requirements of the Environment Agency Oil Storage Regulations as detailed in their guidance document PPG2. Above ground fuel tanks are supplied in a double skinned or totally enclosed configuration that provides secondary containment in the event of a leak or a spillage.

Above ground diesel storage tanks are available to suit a wide range of applications and can be supplied with storage capacities from as little as 2000 litres up to those in excess of 100,000 litres.  Above ground tanks are delivered to site by road and offloaded and positioned to their final location using a mobile crane. Site works to accommodate an above ground tank are normally straightforward, the only requirement generally being a suitable level concrete base to support the tank and a correctly rated electrical supply to provide power to any diesel or gas oil pump and associated fuel management or gauging system which may form part of the fuel installation.  TSG is able to carry out this service.

Above ground tanks can be supplied as a single vessel or can be compartmented to contain other products such as diesel, gas oil, lubrication oil, hydraulic oil, waste oil, and many other oil products.

Above ground storage tanks can also be supplied complete with security cabinets to accommodate equipment such as diesel and gas oil pumps, fuel management systems, tank gauges, and other associated control equipment. Overfill prevention devices and high and low level warning alarms are available, either as stand-alone units or as part of a fully integrated leak detection system.

All pipework connections to the above ground storage tank system comply fully with environmental guidance and legislation and are designed in such a way as to prevent tampering, leakage, or spillage. Drip trays are supplied to contain any spillage which may occur whilst tank filling operations are being undertaken.

Diesel Tanks

Are you in a position where you are required to stock a large amount of fuel on-site? Did you know that it is a legal requirement to keep large amounts of fuel in a bunded diesel tank? It is.  And depending on what your specifications are, there are a lot of people that are willing to provide you with this service. TSG UK is one such company, and they can arrange a bunded diesel tank for you based on your specifications.

So, what’s so special about bunded diesel tanks? Bunding, or a bund wall is a specifically designed to contain valuable and dangerous chemicals. Bunding uses a lot of materials for many different contents, TSG specialises in bunded diesel tanks that offer on-site protection for your fuel containment.  All designed to meet legal requirements.

Whether you own a public transport hub, a delivery company, or even a farm, above ground fuel tanks are a practical and economic answer to stock large amounts of fuel, and refuelling vehicles without the hassle of service stations.

TSG can help you through the whole process – ensuring that you have the best above ground fuel tank for your needs, ensuring that it is safely delivered and installed, and can even provide advice as to how to best maintain your tank to optimum effectiveness.

Below Ground Fuel Tanks

Double Skinned Below Ground Fuel Storage Tanks

Below ground double skinned storage tanks supplied by the company are constructed to BS EN 12285-1 from steel approved to BS799.  Below ground double skinned petrol tanks are also suitable for storing diesel, gas oil, and other associated oil products.

Below ground fuel storage tanks are available to suit a wide range of applications and can be supplied with storage capacities from as little as 2000 litres up to those able to contain in excess of 100,000 litres.  Site works to accommodate a below ground tank are generally more complicated than those required for above ground tanks and should only be carried out by an experienced and specialised contractor such as TSG, who are able to offer a complete supply and installation service for below ground petrol and diesel tanks.

Double skinned below ground petrol and diesel tanks are constantly monitored for leaks by filling the space between the inner and outer skins (the interstitial space) with an inhibiting fluid, the level of which is continuously monitored by placing a probe in a header tank. Any loss of the inhibiting fluid will be sensed by the electronic probe and cause an audible alarm to sound or send a message to any integrated leak detection system that will complement the overall installation.

As part of the overall package of installation services provided by TSG, the company can also supply and install all necessary pipework from the underground tank. This pipework includes, fill pipes, vent pipes and any associated vapour recovery connections, pump suction, or pressure pipework.

Tokheim Adblue

AdBlue® Tanks

TSG can supply and install a wide range of AdBlue® solutions to suit any size of fleet or usage requirements, from plastic IBC’s to Integrated steel tank versions (Twin compartment for Diesel & AdBlue®) complete with dispensing pumps.

We also provide complete maintenance and support services for AdBlue® storage & dispensing solutions throughout the UK using our own network of regionally based service engineers.

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