Meet Team TSG: Tim Lamb

In the first of our ‘Meet team TSG’ series, we hear from Tim Lamb, Sales Manager for TSG Systems… 

Great to meet you Tim, can you explain a bit about your role? 

As sales manager for TSG Systems I look after most of the groups who have multiple sites, which involves looking at contracts, issues and system quotations. I also look after products from the point of view of looking at developments, to adding improvements and then working with partners such as ICASA to bring together more systems.

What is your background and how did you get into your role? 

My background from leaving school (which was a long time ago!) was working for an oil company, before going into a systems role with a very old system called Edacom, which people who have been around a long time would know about. I’ve stayed in that arena of the petroleum market ever since.

What are you currently working on? 

I’m predominantly working on the ICASA system which is a back office and head office system from Belgium. This involves looking at moving the groups we have on older products onto this new updated platform. I’m also assisting the sales guys with marketing to help generate leads.

What have been the biggest changes you’ve seen during your career? 

The main thing is the obvious one which is technology, more so recently with mobile technology and how that’s enabled us to do more when it comes to things like fuel Point of Sale (POS). When I first started you basically had a till, that took payment from credit cards and then barcode readers and it was like ‘wow’! Now there’s so much more that these things do. You couldn’t interface two tills together when I started and now you’ve got supermarkets with 40 tills. It’s the way that technology in general has allowed you to think about other things you can bring to market, that’s been the biggest change I’ve seen during my career.

What do you like about working for TSG? 

I think TSG is just a good company to work for – they have a very wide range of products and services. In my team everyone is encouraged, while it may not be their sales sector, to never shy away from looking for other leads whether it’s EV, construction or pumps. This means we can always explain to our customers all the things we do.

I also like how the market never stays still, like so many companies do. It’s always evolving, as seen in the changes since I started working, and this means that it’s never become boring.

How has COVID-19 affected you in your role? 

The only thing I haven’t really been able to do is go out and see customers and have meetings with my colleagues. One thing this has shown is that you don’t necessarily need to do that all the time – Microsoft Teams has worked really well with communicating with people and we’ve had plenty of customer meetings through Teams. It’s made people question whether we really need to do all this travelling as it means you can be more productive, so I think it’s been good from that point of view. The technology has helped us so that things like quotes can go out no differently. Things are picking up again now, having been quieter, but even when it was quieter we were able to just get on with the job.


Thanks so much for giving us an insight into your role at TSG, Tim.

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