TSG and Wayne Fueling Systems – over 130 years of technological innovation

Where it all began

In 1891, Sylvanus Freelove Bowser invented a very simple but effective pump that could reliably measure and dispense kerosene (or paraffin). He later sold his new creation to a grocery store in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA, where it was used to dispense lamp fuel to customers.

As consumer demand for kerosene grew, Bowser’s device faced some stiff competition from other manufacturers, including the Wayne Oil Tank and Pump Company which designed and built 50 new model pumps in 1892. In the same year, US roads saw the advent of the combustion engine motor car, prompting Wayne to adapt its very popular pump to dispense gasoline.

From these humble origins, began the compelling story of how Wayne Fueling Systems (Wayne) helped to shape the retail and fleet fuelling industry, and history was made.

Making an impact

At the turn of the century, the popularity of the automobile started to accelerate, roads improved and the market for gas pumps soared attracting challengers into the sector, notably the Tokheim Oil Tank & Pump Company. Together, these two businesses turned the city of Fort Wayne into the gasoline pump manufacturing capital of the world, striking up a rivalry that would span over 100 years.

In the following two decades, the Wayne business flourished and began to steal a march on the competition with the launch of the first visible hand pump. This breakthrough allowed motorists to see and control the amount of gasoline being dispensed into their tanks. It was the first of many ground-breaking products released by Wayne, including the mechanical computing dispenser, the blending pump, the electronic dispenser and the first customer-activated terminal (CAT), a development that paved the way for the age of self-service and pay-at-the-pump.

Building the empire

As the company prospered, Wayne established itself as a true leader in progressive technological innovations on a global scale, operating in many strategic locations around the world. The merger with Dresser Industries in 1968 strengthened Wayne’s position in the sector and primed the business for the emergence of lead-free fuel and the subsequent rise in demand for dispensers. Soon after, Wayne opened its headquarters in Austin, Texas where it remains to this day.

Wayne continued to extend its influence in Europe with the introduction of the very successful Helix™ line of fuel dispensers.

Fast forward to today

Wayne, together with its long-standing adversary Tokheim, is now part of Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS), the leading provider of advanced fuelling equipment, electronic systems and payment, automatic tank gauging and wetstock management solutions in the fuel and convenience retail industries.

This alliance has provided the Wayne brand with fresh impetus and it continues to break boundaries in the development of new technologies and integrated solutions across the globe.

At the UNITI expo trade fair, Stuttgart, Germany in May of this year, DFS unveiled the latest Wayne dispenser family to the European market, comprising three ranges; Helix 6000 II, Helix 5000 II and Century 3. These new models are set to take the market by storm, cementing Wayne’s standing on the international stage

There is now a greater focus on reducing carbon emissions by switching to greener energies and as a consequence, there are no fewer than 23 Wayne branded alternative energy models in the new line-up, compared to 14 for conventional fuels. Liquefied natural gas (LNG), compressed natural gas (CNG) and hydrogen are all supported, demonstrating DFS’ drive to stay ahead of the game in the race to net zero.


DFS recently nominated TSG as the sole distributor of Wayne products and solutions in the UK, further strengthening the already well-established partnership between the two companies.

As such, TSG is now able to add the extensive Wayne product range to its current offering, which also includes DFS’ Tokheim and ProGauge solutions.

For many years, TSG has been closely associated with Tokheim, but now this perception is starting to shift and customers are enjoying a far greater product choice than ever before, backed up by the UK’s largest retail service team.

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