TSG’s Driver-Controlled Delivery System


Forecourt fuel deliveries can pose a significant challenge to site staff during peak times, or if the consignment is scheduled to occur outside of normal business hours.

TSG’s driver-controlled delivery system provides advanced, 24-hour fuel delivery control to unattended fuelling operations, simplifying fuel management for a wide variety of commercial applications.

Safety first

Supplying fuel to a retail site is a complex task involving risk assessment, compliance with regulations and ultimately the safe and controlled delivery of fuel.

Before the fuel delivery can commence, a number of safety procedures should be followed by the driver, including:

o   Checking the proximity of potential hazards when leaving the vehicle

o   Checking for obstructions or leaks

o   Confirming the location of the Driver Controlled Delivery (DCD) box

o   Checking for site-provided fire extinguisher

Whilst the forecourt owner has no control over the driver’s behaviour or safety checks, it is important to understand his role and his concerns in order to make the delivery as seamless as possible.

Why TSG's DCD system?

TSG has a totally agnostic approach towards hardware and operating systems, providing the most appropriate solution for each customer and ensuring their specific operation and strategic objectives are prioritised.

Available with a pedestal or wall-mounting bracket, the installation of a TSG DCD system typically results in a reduction of the site’s fuel delivery costs, as the supplier is able to schedule deliveries 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How does it work?

The DCD System works by interacting with the tank gauge at the start of delivery, allowing the tanker driver to ascertain there is enough ullage (space in the tank) to allow the fuel to be delivered safely, without risking overfill. This information is displayed on the DCD’s illuminated screen and can be printed out for added peace of mind. Additionally, a ticket confirming the amount of fuel deposited in each tank is available upon completion of the delivery.

In the rare event of an emergency during the delivery, the DCD incorporates an emergency stop switch and telephone, allowing the driver to safely halt the fuel transfer and contact a nominated member of the site team. Furthermore, during the hours of darkness, a floodlight circuit may be activated to illuminate the equipment and surrounding area, providing clear visibility to the tanker driver.

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