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Global Solutions Provider to Energy Distribution Networks

  • Just around the corner, Everywhere

    We have the largest sales and service network across Europe and Africa. Thousands of TSG engineers and technicians across 30 countries serve our customers promptly and efficiently: Wherever you are, we are just around the corner.

  • Fuelling mobility

    Evolving from Fuelling Stations to Energy Distribution Networks, operators are enabling the mobility revolution by bringing diversified energy sources to their end customers: Traditional Fuels, Natural Gas, Electricity, Hydrogen…What TSG contributes is its expertise across all types of energy, also providing equipment, construction, maintenance and a wide range of other services to support this transformation.

  • Best Total Cost of Ownership

    TSG is committed to supplying quality, safety and efficiency throughout the entire life cycle of the products we install and maintain. Thanks to selected partners who provide reliable products and professional installation, and service teams that guarantee a high level of equipment uptime, our customers get the best return on their assets and can focus on growing their business profitably.