What is TSG Fleet?

TSG Fleet has the largest dedicated team of highly skilled fuelling engineers in the UK, covering all areas of the country. With a strong team of equipment service and installation project engineers, we’re always at the end of the phone when you need us.

TSG Fleet offers a set of dedicated solutions for the commercial fleet market. Whether it be a small transport company operating from a single site, or a major international company working across multiple sites, we can provide products and services for any size of organisation. This means we are able to respond to needs in relation to liquids often found at depots including fuel, AdBlue and oil.

In partnership with reputable brands such as Tokheim and ProFleet, TSG can provide a range of dedicated products and services to the commercial fleet industry.

AdBlue Solutions

AdBlue is a urea-based liquid that  is injected into a diesel engine’s exhaust system. It helps to decrease emissions, complying with European regulations. TSG Fleet provides installation and maintenance of Tokheim’s range of AdBlue dispensers, as well as supplying AdBlue container solutions to meet the requirements of your private fleet installation.


SmartFuel is TSG’s Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) solution. SmartFuel is based on a nozzle-mounted reader that reads tags positioned on vehicles, simplifying the fuelling process by removing the need for manual vehicle identification using PIN, tags or cards.

Fuel Management from TSG Fleet

TSG Fleet provides installation and support for ProFleet’s DiaLOG fuel management system, which essentially does for a private station what a Point of Sale (POS) system does for a public one. DiaLOG is a browser-based platform which enables you to manage your fuel and equipment from any computer without the need to install any software. It can be utilised as a site controller, with the ability to connect to other products regularly found at a fuel station site, such as dispensers, level gauges, gates, car washes and camera systems.

This system also supports the same extensive variety of functions that you would find with large public stations. It allows you to view your stock levels, receive automatic alerts when you are out of stock or when there is a delivery and, when there is a level gauge installed, also perform fuel reconciliations. If your organisation operates across a larger network, which causes you to consume millions of litres of fuel each year, you may benefit from having Fairbanks wet stock analysts monitoring your network.

DiaLOG is used in more than 70 countries and supports more than 20 different languages. It is also one of the few fuel management systems that is both MID and OIML certified, helping you to comply with weights and measures legislation.