TSG UK working with IDENTIC AB

TSG UK to Install IDENTIC AB Upgrades for Go-Ahead London Bus Garages

IDENTIC AB has received an order to upgrade 23 lanes of refuelling equipment at fourteen Go-Ahead London (GAL) bus garages in the London area. The new equipment is being installed by TSG UK Solutions Ltd, IDENTIC’s distributor in the UK, and will replace older IDENTIC refuelling systems at GAL which have reached their end-of-life. The upgraded equipment includes IDENTIC’s new CE10 lane terminal, an Ethernet-enabled device that controls all the functions in the refuelling lane including the IDENTIC Spill-free Vehicle Refilling (SVR) system.

Go-Ahead London has used IDENTIC’s spill-free refilling on our bus fleet for more than 20 years. The garage upgrades will ensure GAL continues to benefit from its investment in SVR and the time and environmental savings the system provides”, explained Richard Harrington – Engineering Director at Go-Ahead London.


Go-Ahead London is the largest bus operator in London, providing nearly a quarter of London’s buses. It has a fleet of over 2200 vehicles, travelling 80 million miles annually on over 195-day, night, and school routes.

“The IDENTIC CE10 is our latest state of the art lane terminal. The CE10 has an all-new colour touch-screen display and advanced remote diagnostics capabilities. These Go-Ahead site upgrades will benefit from the increased reliability and greater connectivity that the CE10 offers”, explains Richard Holt, Managing Director, IDENTIC AB.