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TSG UK Solutions Limited has recently been granted Silver accreditation by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) Employer Recognition Scheme.

TSG UK, previously a bronze award holder, has received this prestigious recognition for its action to support serving troops, service families, veterans and cadets.

For many years, TSG UK has been a staunch advocate for the Armed Forces Covenant, recruiting MOD veterans from the Royal Navy, British Army and the Royal Air Force, and guiding them through the challenging transition to civilian life.

TSG UK works together with the Career Transition Partnership (CTP) and other military representatives, to identify and tackle issues and barriers affecting the lives of armed forces personnel, veterans and their families.

What is the Armed Forces Covenant?

The defence of the realm is the first and arguably the most important duty of the Government. In order to fulfil that responsibility, the Government employs the services of the Armed Forces who sacrifice some freedoms, face danger and sometimes, suffer injury or even death as a result of their duties. Furthermore, the role of the families of servicemen and women should never be underestimated in supporting the operational effectiveness of the Armed Forces.

These courageous individuals, who proudly protect our commonwealth, lay their lives on the line for King and Country and thus deserve the utmost respect and fair treatment. The entire nation has a moral obligation to provide practical support to the members of the Royal Navy, the Army and the Royal Air Force. The Armed Forces Covenant was designed to embody the Country’s commitment to upholding these values to all those serving in the military, veterans and their partners and children.

The covenant focuses on providing support in several key areas including:

  • education and family well-being
  • having a home
  • starting a new career
  • access to healthcare
  • financial assistance
  • discounted services

Who is involved?

There are a variety of groups that have promised to adhere to the terms of the covenant in support of the Armed Services, including voluntary and charitable bodies, businesses of all sizes, central and local government, communities, cadet forces and their adult volunteers.

TSG UK has made that commitment and has pledged to make a real difference to those service men and women who join the company, under the guidelines of the silver award.


Erica Ritchie and Martin MacInnes collecting the Armed Forces Covenant Silver Award on behalf of TSG UK.

TSG’s Silver Award

TSG UK guarantees that service personnel/armed forces communities are fairly treated as part of its recruiting and selection processes. Indeed, TSG will ensure that military candidates possessing the relevant skill set will without question secure an interview for the role.

TSG UK also provides ten days of paid leave for employees who are in the Reserve Forces or Territorial Army and need time off for training or military service. The same applies to employees who are leaders of the Army Cadet Force (ACF) that need to attend annual camp.

Consideration will always be shown to those struggling to adjust to civilian life with an in-house support network of ex-servicemen and women to help.

Opportunities at TSG

TSG UK recognises the value of the diverse talents that ex-military personnel can bring to its workforce, recruiting many employees over the years. In fact, this culture originates from the very top of the company in the form of its Managing Director, Henry Simpson, who served in the British Army as an Infantry and Intelligence Officer, including two years as Adjutant of the Royal Bermuda Regiment.

TSG UK’s Fleet Director, Paul Brooks, held a variety of roles in the Royal Navy over a period of 20 years. Firstly, as a Marine Engineering Mechanic on HMS Olympus in HM Submarine Service, before moving through the ranks and ending his military career as the Primary Artificer on HMS Vigilant.

James Davies, Field Service Manager, spent 6 years with the Royal Navy, reaching the rank of Leading Marine Engineer Mechanic aboard aircraft carriers, including HMS Illustrious and HMS Ark Royal.

Corporal Morag Paton served for over 12 years in the Women’s Royal Air Force as a Personal and Administrative Clerk, before seamlessly transferring those skills to her current role as TSG Purchasing Assistant.

Field Service Engineer, Stuart Naylor, served in the British Army as Tank Commander prior to joining TSG in October 2022. Stuart’s progression is being expertly mentored by James Davies, as he adapts to a completely new way of life.

TSG UK employs a substantial number of ex-military personnel – too many to list here, but each one is an integral part of the company’s rapid growth and success.


The Armed Forces Covenant figures prominently in TSG UK’s recruitment strategy, since military personnel who are looking for a career change, represent an untapped pool of highly trained, disciplined and talented individuals. There is a clear synergy between the credentials of ex-servicemen and women and the expertise sought after by TSG UK. The vast majority of skills acquired whilst in the armed forces can easily be transferred to a wide variety of roles within the company.

To discover current opportunities at TSG visit: https://www.tsg-solutions.com/uk/working-at-tsg/

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