TSG – creating a culture of equality

Diversity seems to be the buzzword on everyone’s lips in the workplace – but what does it really mean? Why do companies need to consider employing a workforce from many different backgrounds? How does it help businesses to succeed?

This article will help to clarify the speculation surrounding this modern-day trend and explain how TSG UK has embraced diversity recruitment as part of its extensive corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme, with very favourable results.

The importance of diversity

Diversity helps to generate a positive and secure working environment, where employees feel valued and supported – but its importance in the workplace extends way beyond this rationale. Research has shown that companies adopting a diversity policy have experienced a beneficial impact on their bottom line through increased productivity.

Gender, age, ethnic group, sexual orientation, disabilities, religion, language and other factors all create different filters through which people see and experience the world. Workforce diversity delivers new perspectives and frames of reference to the task teams, which naturally results in better problem solving and creative thinking.  Diverse groups are also better at identifying new opportunities and putting forward original ideas.

Does diversity lead to inclusion

Whilst interconnected, diversity and inclusion are two separate concepts that both require nurturing to make a genuine contribution to the success of the business. Simply operating with a diverse team does not automatically lead to inclusion, as it is vital to create an authentically safe environment where everyone feels able to participate and achieve their true potential.

Inclusion originates from the practices, policies and procedures that a business employs in order for all of the workforce to believe that they are appreciated, respected and able to contribute equitably. Diversity brings different people together, whilst inclusion means adopting a strategy to ensure a harmonious workforce. Diverse teams cannot operate at full strength without an inclusive culture.

Managing expectations

In the past, workers aspired to a job for life with the same employer, however, in more recent times those vocational expectations have shifted. Today’s workers seek opportunities to better their careers, rather than stay in a job where they don’t feel appreciated.

Whilst it is unrealistic to expect all staff to remain happy and settled in their respective roles, creating an environment that values diversity can help companies to retain experienced employees, as well as attract and recruit new talent.

TSG - making the change

TSG has adopted a proactive, measurable approach to increasing diversity in its workforce by drawing on all talents from a wide variety of backgrounds, age groups and ethnicities; a technique that is undoubtedly gaining traction in the energy and fuel sector.

TSG’s strategic focus on inclusivity in the workplace has helped to promote staff development and retention and foster an environment that attracts recruits of the highest calibre, which is critical to business success. Building trust through transparency is the key to a people-first culture, creating a positive and secure working environment for all.

As the UK prepares to move to greener and more sustainable energy sources, TSG’s diversity policy will play a major role in helping to provide a workforce that can drive more innovative and inclusive solutions.

TSG has created a diverse environment and a very inclusive culture, allowing its employees to thrive. This forward-thinking work model, coupled with a robust infrastructure, has equipped TSG to support businesses looking to participate in the transition from traditional fossil fuels to alternative fuelling solutions, including electricity, gas and hydrogen.

The energy sector is widely regarded as one of the least gender-diverse parts of the economy, but TSG has defied convention by normalising the presence of women in senior positions throughout the company. To read more visit: https://www.tsg-solutions.com/uk/diversity-in-the-workplace/

For the latest job opportunities, visit: https://www.tsg-solutions.com/uk/working-at-tsg/

For further information about TSG UK and the services on offer, visit: https://www.tsg-solutions.com/uk/

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