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Who would have thought that almost two years after Covid 19 first made the headlines, that we would still be living in fear? With case numbers climbing again and a new strain to worry about – it is clear that this virus will be around for some time to come.

The government has recently imposed more restrictions on our daily lives; a return to working from home and mask-wearing in all shops and public places. Whilst there is seemingly no plan to introduce further regulations at the moment, we have to consider the impact on businesses if that strategy were to change.

We all remember queuing outside the supermarket, standing in line waiting for customers to leave the store so that we would be allowed entry. There was a member of staff on the door, tasked with counting the customers on arrival to ensure the correct social distancing rules were observed inside. If this requirement were to be reintroduced – are you and your business ready?

The TSG Customer Count & Media Screen solution was originally devised at the start of the pandemic to help shopkeepers monitor customer numbers in store, but as restrictions eased it became clear that this multi-purpose system was considered to be far more than a simple counter. In fact, this solution has proved itself to be a very effective tool for business owners to maximise sales and marketing opportunities and increase bottom line profits.

The screen can be located inside or outside the store to promote products, car wash, meal deals and fuel grades, as well as support the local community with public service announcements. The customer count feature will help to keep the requisite number of people in the store, should the aforementioned government guidelines be reinstated. But if not, the counter provides invaluable insight into the busiest times of the day/week, allowing business owners to make educated decisions on what to advertise and when.

This system can be purchased in a variety of screen size and type options, with a built-in Windows PC running software designed by TSG. It comes complete with a separate camera, which can be situated above the main doorway, to count customers coming in and out of the store. The TSG Customer Count & Media Screen solution is very easy to install and the count feature can be configured to suit the size of the store.  This extremely versatile solution is able to display both still imagery and video content, with sound options if required.

We believe the TSG UK’s Count & Media Screen is a must for any forward-thinking forecourt owner who wants to drive incremental business into the store; this is what Joe Hockenhull at Hockenhull Garages had to say: “We are really pleased with the Customer Count & Media Screen from TSG UK. It proved to be a great way of tackling the need to ensure the correct amount of people in-store during the pandemic, whilst also giving us the opportunity to promote a wide variety of products, services and offers.”

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