TSG’s Eco-Wash: Clean Cars, Clear Conscience

In an era where environmental concerns are front and centre, businesses everywhere are redefining their practices to align with eco-conscious values. One such business sector undergoing a significant transformation to embrace sustainability is car wash.

Traditional car washes have adversely affected the environment for many years, wasting copious amounts of water and using powerful chemical detergents. The waste from this type of wash, laden with contaminants, ultimately finds its way into bodies of water, disrupting ecosystems and potentially polluting water supplies.

Furthermore, the power-hungry processes of these automatic car washes have contributed to greenhouse gas emissions, further compounding the industry’s impact on the planet.

Thankfully, as the demand for environmentally responsible options surged, the wash sector sprang into action and invested heavily in green technology, and now the future looks bright for the eco-friendly car wash.

Kärcher car wash for forecourts

Sustainability in Wash Solutions

The vehicle wash business is a flourishing and lucrative industry, however, when investing in a new wash solution, proprietors must exercise due diligence to verify the system will seamlessly integrate into the business’ sustainable operations strategy. Specifically, a low consumption of water and energy coupled with eco-friendly effective detergents, whilst consistently delivering excellent cleaning results.

Innovation in water-efficient technologies, developing environmentally friendly cleaning agents, and incorporating smart operational practices are anticipated to become standard in the wash industry. By choosing these sustainable alternatives, consumers play a vital role in fostering a cleaner, greener future, one car wash at a time.

Saving Energy

Instead of cleaning with hot water like traditional car washes, eco-friendly wash solutions use pressurised cold water. It takes far less energy to pressurise water than to heat it, making the process more economical for the business while decreasing the load on the national grid.

The recent rise in the popularity of solar energy has seen many car washes installing solar panels on their premises to power lighting and other electrical equipment, reducing expenses and improving financial performance.

Saving Water

Environmental protection and sustainability are a top priority for all responsible car wash manufacturers. The shift toward eco-friendly car wash solutions underlines a collective commitment to preserving the planet while maintaining the convenience and aesthetics that vehicle owners demand. The usage of water cannot be avoided at any car wash, however, water reclamation systems can and do work to minimise wastage.

By applying natural and biological processes, the wastewater can be filtered and cleaned in the system without the use of any chemicals. Turning dirty wastewater into freshly treated reclaimed water, which is then fed back into the cycle; meaning that almost all of the water can be repurposed.

Recycled water can be used repeatedly, reducing the total amount of water needed and mitigating the risk of pollution to the rivers and streams.

Saving the Environment

Eco-cleaning, or green cleaning, is utilising sustainable cleaning products to conserve an ecological balance by not depleting natural resources.

An eco-friendly car wash uses only non-corrosive, biodegradable and non-flammable detergents, shampoos, waxes and other cleaning agents.

Today detergents must meet stringent requirements to effectively combat dirt, be efficient and not pose any risks to the users or the environment. These products break down naturally, ensuring that no harmful chemicals enter the soil or water systems.

Noise Reduction

Noise is a common concern cited by many residents around the country who are close to a carwash or in an area where the town is considering the building of a new wash.

Car wash manufacturers are committed to offering more sustainable solutions that can meet the high-performance standards of the industry. Looking ahead to the future, they will continue to evolve equipment to reach new low standards in the areas of noise reduction and energy consumption while maintaining superior performance and increased customer satisfaction.

TSG is here to help

In an exclusive partnership with Kärcher, TSG delivers first-rate, professional exterior/interior cleaning and wash solutions for both cars and commercial vehicles, trucks and buses. These Kärcher tailor-made, self-service wash systems are renowned for their flexibility, designed to suit the operational requirements of any site and meet the exacting needs of the customers. Specialising in the supply and installation of professional fully automated car/van wash solutions, Kärcher jet washes and Kärcher vacuum cleaners, backed up by a comprehensive service and maintenance package.

TSG offers a planned preventative maintenance (PPM) service across the UK, managing the needs of any type and size of facility, from the small independent car wash right through to multinational commercial fleet operations, avoiding potentially expensive and time-consuming interruption of business operations.

Owners of professional vehicle wash facilities need flexible solutions that deliver maximum results with minimum downtime. For complete control, TSG provides a vehicle wash solution that is fully integrated into the back-office management system and customer payment options.

Furthermore, TSG can supply a variety of high-performance detergents to deliver superior wash results. These cleaning agents are formulated to provide the best possible protection for the operator, equipment, vehicles and the environment.

Author: Cheryl Ashton

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