New Product available from TSG Systems. The Customer Count & Media Screen Solution

Customer Count & Media Screen

New Product from TSG Systems


TSG has launched a Customer Count & Media Screen to help forecourts, other retail outlets, and publicly used buildings such as gyms and work cafeterias, monitor visitor numbers to ensure social distancing during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Removing the need for staff members standing outside in the cold, the screen can be used to show advertising and other information once coronavirus precautions come to an end.

The Customer Count & Media Screen includes a camera connected above the doorway, which counts people coming in and out of the store. Featuring TSG owned software, the count system is configurable depending on the shop size and runs both still and video advertising.

Queueing customers are shown a ‘GO’ sign when it’s OK to enter the store and ‘STOP’ when they need to wait. Sound can also be used if required.

Tim Lamb, Sales Manager at TSG UK, said: “Unlike other stop and go systems currently on the market, our Customer Count & Media Screen has a dual purpose, providing a means for outlets to promote products or provide information for waiting visitors. It also means that once we (hopefully) return to ‘normal’, the product is still a useful tool.

“Crucially, TSG’s offering is multi-functional and very price competitive. Media screens typically retail at around the £6,000 mark, whereas our solution comes in at around £3,000.”

Delivered as a complete unit, the screen and stand is around 6ft high and has a reasonably small footprint of approximately 76cm x 30cm. Installation is simple – all that’s required is an electrical point outside and a wireless internet connection to the camera. If needs be, a 4G router can be used to isolate the system completely. TSG UK can provide full installation services where required.

One of the first applications for TSG UK’s Count & Media Screen is at Hockenhull Garages. Joe Hockenhull, MD, said: “We are really pleased with the Customer Count & Media Screen from TSG UK. It’s a great way of tackling the need to ensure we have the correct amount of people in-store during these testing times, whilst also giving us the opportunity to promote a wide variety of products, services, and offers.

“It also means I don’t need a member of staff manning the door and they can be utilised to keep the shelves stocked or assist customers. Once the pandemic is over we will be able to just use the screen to promote new offers to our customers”.

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