Alternative Fuel Quantium


The Quantium 310 CNG fuel dispenser is an ‘H-type’ design with a simple but effective hanging hose system for ease of use. This alternative fuel dispenser is island-oriented (has nozzles on the side of the dispenser for use from both lanes) to allow for easier fuelling and quicker throughput and you can choose to have either one or two nozzles. A powerful compressor with a flow rate of up to 50 kg/min ensures a fast and reliable service for your customers.


We aim to provide customers with flexibility when it comes to the unique layout of their fuelling station. They can choose from a simple ‘box-shaped’ Q200T1 LPG dispenser or anything up to the feature-rich ‘L-shape’ Q510 LPG dispenser, with either one or two nozzles. The nozzles can be island-oriented (on the side of the alternative fuel dispenser, for use from both lanes) or lane-oriented (on the front of the dispenser, for use in a specific lane), depending on your needs.