SAFEtember 2020 – Health and Wellbeing

Our latest edition of SAFEtember 2020 comes from nutritionist Elly Rees, who talks through the importance of nutrition for maintaining our health and wellbeing. In the presentation, she covers:

·      The basics of nutrition and the macronutrients

·      How to eat well

·      Applying knowledge to practice

·      Impact of nutrition on immunity and COVID-19

·      Nutritional impact of mental wellbeing

·      Portions and food labelling

As well as explaining the basic dietary needs of the body, such as the amount of fruit, veg and healthy fats we need, Elly also explores the roles of macronutrients in the body and how they affect us, such as carbohydrates and protein. The nutrients and their impacts on the body mean that we need to get the right balance between them all – below is an optimum balance – the more colour you have on your plate, the more likely you will be taking in more vitamins and minerals.

You could plan the healthiest, most balanced meals available but, if you’re consuming a lot of unhealthy snacks, you risk scuppering it all and taking in a load of empty calories. In our industry, given how much many of us are travelling, it can be easy to fall into the habit of eating many unhealthy snacks, such as crisps and chocolate, and soft drinks. By simply substituting a handful of these for healthier options throughout the week such as fruit and water, you will see a vast difference in your calorie intake.

The conversation around a healthy diet is particularly relevant now, given the current situation with COVID-19. The NHS has recognised that conditions such as obesity and diabetes can hinder treatment when it comes to severe cases of the virus, due to the difficulty around intubating patients. While there is no supplement to prevent or fully protect you from COVID-19, vitamins and minerals, particularly Vitamin D, can boost your overall immune system. In addition, replacing carbohydrates after exercise helps reduce the stress hormone response, therefore minimising its effect on the immune system.

For information about nutrition and wellness, visit our YouTube channel to view Elly’s presentation in full.