ProFleet and TSG announce new depot control system: LOGmaster

LOGmaster supersedes DiaLOG

TSG is proud to announce the official launch of its new depot control system, LOGmaster, the successor to the DiaLOG fuel management system.

Profleet and TSG have worked together to devise a fleet management solution to support operators as they transition their fleets from fossil fuels to greener and more sustainable energies.

LOGmaster facilitates smarter depot control for fleet managers,  by providing a comprehensive, centralised overview of all of the equipment on their site, from traditional fuels to new energies and car wash. LOGmaster improves operational efficiency and streamlines business processes, resulting in faster throughput of the fleet and increased productivity across the site.

Visibility of all of the equipment across the depot provides operators with invaluable insight into business performance and if necessary, take appropriate action.

LOGmaster benefits

  • One platform to control and manage all depot equipment
  • Use one identification tag for the entire operation
  • Connect to any brand of equipment – allows for the installation of a mixture of brands on site
  • Connection to the cloud or on the site’s own network (without fees for storage)
  • High-end terminals with interactive touchscreen
  • A flexible system that will expand as the business grows

The complete solution

LOGmaster is available as a complete solution for an entire operation, offering specific variants for equipment types, including: FuelLOG, GasLOG, ChargeLOG, WashLOG, and StockLOG.

LOGmaster was installed in several sites across Europe during the final phase of testing. Final checks have been completed and LOGmaster is now available to order!
For more information about this product, please click here.

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