Our 7 pricinples

1. We believe in CSR and will lead by example

As The European Leader in Technical Services for responsible mobility solutions, we aim to become one of the best-in-class in CSR, showing the example in the transforming mobility industry. It is why we have decided to make the fight against climate change the purpose of TSG, giving our people a great sense to work. As a leading provider of trusted solutions with over 50 years of expertise, we embrace our acquired knowledge and side with our existing corporate culture to embark together in the definition of our CSR vision of ‘Responsible Mobility’. This tailored approach to CSR enables us to set common goals and to conduct in the 30 countries we operate a consistent CSR management while conserving the autonomy of our decentralized management to reach our objectives.

2. We uphold the highest ethical standards

As our business covers more than 30 countries across Europe and Africa, serving a wide panel of clients and stakeholders, it requires us to adopt high ethical standards. Our internal Code of Conduct and our Ethics policies set common guidelines, applicable to each employee in our everyday work and our business relationships. This code and these policies reflect on our professionalism and expertise worldwide. We regularly train our teams to improve their Ethics awareness and manage internal audits willing to uphold high ethical business standards, meeting or exceeding applicable regulations and our partners requirements.

3. We invest in our people

We want to be a responsible employer, taking care of both our current and its future employees. Our human capital has always been the key to our success. Being an industry leader and pioneer in the transition to sustainable mobility services, our expertise and talents are now more than ever an asset, at the heart of our business model and CSR strategy. We care for the wellbeing and ensure the development of each of our employees to foster and uphold their technical expertise. In order to promote and develop their skills, we aim to continuously improve our training offers. We also want to attract new talented employees, eager to accompany the Group in its transition towards sustainable mobility.

4. We care for our people and stakeholders

Our activities require us to be mobile and operate on multiple sites, presenting health and safety challenges. Therefore, we regard the health and safety of our employees and stakeholders as an essential aspect in our strategy and corporate culture. It is our responsibility and priority to deliver services in a safe and adequate manner. To make sure these criteria are met and maintained by our Group, we have put in place a robust HSSE policy and management covering all our activities worldwide. Our goals are clearly defined and frequently monitored through key performance indicators. In order to remain a leader in the field, we keep up with new health and safety requirements, notably linked to the specificities of new responsible mobility solutions and offers. We will keep focusing on tracking risks which could arise with our new business activities. We continuously work to provide a safe and secure workplace for all employees, with the ambition to reach our zero accident goal.

5. We aim to reduce our environmental impact

We have always considered protecting the environment and delivering our services with efficient resource use as a major concern. We work internally and externally to fight climate change with all of our stakeholders. We are pioneers in the transition towards biofuels; now, we are disrupting the sector with gas and electric charge, while situated at the cutting-edge of the coming hydrogen revolution. Furthermore, we are  working with our people to reduce our environmental impact and our carbon footprint globally and locally in every TSG entity.

We are fully committed to the energy transition, and we understand the changes it will induce in the way in which we operate and conduct our business. Thus, we commit to more environmentally sustainable business offers by conducting a strategic transition towards new energies’ technical solutions and services but also by increasing our teams’ engagement on the matter. Our objective is to lead by change and reflect our engagements towards our stakeholders, partners, and industry actors.

6. We strive to develop sustainable business offers

Mobility is at the heart of today’s climate change and global sustainability challenges. Thus, our environmental, social, and quality commitments are not limited to internal initiatives. Our efforts are highly represented throughout our new business transition and upgraded products and services with the shift that we are leading towards new energies and mobility services. For this reason, we have developed a strategic plan, TSG 2.0, which focuses on the integration of sustainable products and services within our global business strategy. We provide a one-stop shop of innovative energy and retail solutions, paving the way towards responsible energies and expanding consumer offerings beyond refueling. We are also helping shift the role of the gas station, with new retail experiences, adjacent services, and innovative digital services. In doing so, we are defining the gas station of the future. Today, our services are highly valued by our partners. We wish to maintain our high technical standards and environmental considerations in all business towards responsible mobility. We aim for our business developments to continue meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations to provide services that reflect on our ambition to be a major actor of responsible mobility. And by doing so, to participate to fight against climate change.

7. We value CSR as a driver in our supply chain

We are convinced of the virtuous circle of CSR and responsibility. In order to deliver high-quality services, it is fundamental for us to ensure that our supply chain is in line with our CSR requirements and objectives. We extend our ambition to improve our environmental, social and quality performance to all our value chain. This necessity is in line with the growing level of expectations from our partners at large in terms of transparency of the products and services value chain. We are also aware that TSG will face additional supply chain-related challenges regarding our responsible mobility business offers as we are dealing with a range of new suppliers. In this context, we are committed to maintain the highest ethical and sustainability standards regarding our suppliers. We ask our suppliers to contractually commit to our CSR standards, in consistency with the deep analysis of our potential risks we have conducted in 2021.

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