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TSG offers a dedicated set of products and services related to these alternative fuels.

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Level gauges

Piping and containment

Our services


TSG performs statutory checks on sites in compliance with the imposed procedures. This enables customers to maintain their facilities to regulatory standards. Among others, the activities relate to periodic checks of facilities classified for the protection of the Environment (ICPE), tightness checks on pipes and checks of leak detectors.

Environmental services

When it comes to building and maintaining petrol stations and car wash equipment, protection of the environment must be given top priority. We do our utmost to protect the environment.


We can supply on-call support or, alternatively, work on the basis of service agreements. There are different contract types to choose from, depending on your specific wishes and needs. These range from basic workday help desk support to an all-inclusive 24/7 service agreement.

Site audits

TSG can provide site audits to help a station remain compliant with current national legislation. The details of these vary, based on the individual station and national requirements, but may include weights and measures checks, equipment inspections and health and safety reviews.

Tank cleaning

With fuel margins at a minimum, good-quality fuel can be what differentiates close competitors from each other. TSG can provide tank cleaning services as a one-off service, as part of a larger station project or on an agreed PPM basis, all tailored to suit customer requirements.


Rely on us to carry out any construction requirements you may have too. For anything from minor work and re-pumps to knock-down re-builds, TSG can provide the right knowledge, along with highly skilled teams.


We pride ourselves on offering the very best installation service to customers purchasing equipment from us. Our highly trained and skilled teams of field service technicians and installation engineers will add that extra added value to any purchase.

Project management

TSG has been managing the development of station builds and associated projects (such as, but not limited to, systems and IT infrastructure) for more than 50 years. We have local and central specialists in place (across engineering, retail IT, project conception and construction disciplines), all of whom can work in partnership with you to deliver the best solution.

Site design

We provide support for your project, all the way from idea to finished petrol station. We use our internal know-how, customised to fit with your wishes and ideas, or sit down to talk things through with a contract architect.

Wetstock management

Proper wet stock management is crucial to the early detection of potential problems such as leaks, any other fuel losses and poor operational management. Maintaining accurate wet stock records is also a legal requirement and failure to do this could lead to consequences for site owners and/or oil companies.

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