Our Values

A company culture is made of people sharing the same values and behaviors. Our entrepreneurial culture means that each employee is unique and able to express their potential and motivation, and that is the engine that powers TSG’s vision of the future. It’s a vision built with the fundamental elements of our DNA: opportunity, agility, responsibility, sharing, authenticity and a constant will to excel.

At TSG we want to preserve our rooted culture that made our past successes. We strongly believe that our people shared values are a key factor of success to realize our ambition to become the European leader in technical services for responsible mobility solutions.

These values are carried on by all of  our managers who have to diffuse and preserve them within our teams by always leading by example.

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We encourage people to be entrepreneurial by leading their perimeter as an entrepreneur fully focused on TSG business development and attached to find pragmatic, simple, innovative and efficient solutions taking in account every stakeholders issues. We expect them to value efforts, professionalism and self-transcendence as key factors of success.

Customer centric

We want our teams to be customer driven by always prioritizing customer satisfaction and growth. We encourage them to understand their present and future needs, to identify decision path, develop profitable action plans to acquire, develop, keep and retain them. We also expect our people to always act with transparency and accountability in customer relationships.

People driven

Because our activity is a made of people we consider ourselves to be people driven by always acting with examplarity and respect and with the consciousness that our people are our first asset. We are fully committed to every employee's health and safety and promote in every circumstance TSG HSSE rules and processes at every level of the organization. We want to ensure motivation and success of the team overall and each of its members. We want to provide the social climate necessary to lead success and transformation and make TSG an attractive employer.

Collective succes spirit

We strongly value collective success spirit as we want every TSG employee to adhere to the common values of TSG Group and to make each employee committed to the success of his team as well at the global success of the Group by working closely with other colleagues, teams, functions or countries and at global levels to share best practices and improve continually process methods and services and/or to support them if needed.


We like our people to have ambition and lead the company and people to go always higher by motivating to be ambitious to reach and exceed goals and to be seen as the referent player in its industry. In the meanwhile we encourage them to always be concrete and result oriented whilst keeping a strategic or global framework.

Strategic vision

We also believe on the power of the purpose that is at the heart of our strategic vision: to be the referent supplier in sustainable mobility. . We want to diffuse and to share this ambition at every level and in every TSG entity as we are convinced that everybody within our teams and each of us can only be proud to be part of this transforming project helping to make the future better. We want everybody to be part of this ambitious project by looking to identify and anticipate customers' current and future needs, market evolution and tendencies, some strategic potential new business areas. We want all of us to be upset by the will to keep one step ahead.


We want to promote all kind of diversity within our teams and in every function as we believe that complementary and differences are a great factor of innovation, richness and agility. We want our Group to be fueled by its multicultural roots, its several ways of thinking and its technical specialties which are sources of best practices to exchange and collective performance.

Our Promise

Being part of the TSG adventure means constantly moving forward and growing, by acting on a daily basis, in your own way, as part of a united collective devoted to the energy transition.

#1 The TSG Spirit

Being part of TSG means being willing to adopt the TSG spirit: It’s a mindset of entrepreneurship, teamwork, solidarity and sharing.

At TSG, each employee will have opportunities to grow and thrive in a caring and yet challenging collective. It’s a cooperative atmosphere in which you will need to know how to be independent, flexible and agile; one where everyone has responsibilities.

TSG is a reliable and dependable group, and our employees are trusted and cared for. Our success draws from the competencies and the potential of our talents. We get stronger when we help them progress and grow.

That is the TSG spirit.

#2: Forward-looking vision & jobs

The story of TSG is not about oil but instead about mobility.

In fact, our story is still being written. Our story is about looking towards the future, to the energy transition for mobility, to new energies and new jobs. Jobs for which technical expertise and a real sense of service will be essential, perhaps even omnipresent. Jobs which will create great career prospects within TSG.

TSG is an ambitious group that is not afraid to transform and to commit to the future, to the ecological transition, and more. TSG is working today to take care of the future of our society – and the futures of our employees, too, in particular by staying focused on their safety and health.

TSG is entirely in tune with this current era in which employees are looking for meaning and purpose every day.

#3: Growth momentum

TSG is an active group, with projects that all face the future, ready for the more sustainable world of tomorrow. TSG is a growing group, in a constantly-evolving, very promising sector with many long-term prospects.

This sort of growth will require vision and drive — and also new talents and the acquisition of companies that will enable TSG to go beyond being simply the leader in services for energy distribution infrastructures for mobility, so that we may become a leader in sustainable mobility and an enabler of the energy transition.

TSG is an agile group. Entrepreneurship and quick decision-making are in our DNA.

At TSG, we think globally — but we act locally and in socially-responsible ways.

#4: Challenge

Working at TSG means being willing to be challenged and given responsibilities every day, for every employee – though not, of course, without the support, understanding and help of all the TSG managers. Our managers are chosen for their human qualities, their willingness to listen and exchange, and their belief in the vast potential of our talents.

We’re a group that relies on the potential of its employees — and so, we’re a group that properly onboards and trains these employees when they start and then continues to help them develop throughout their career. Our people are always accompanied as they rise up and get a more global view of our group.

At TSG, you’ll grow across your career.

Move with TSG. Energize your future… If you are enjoying

A human culture

.. and an entrepreneurial management in a strong international group.

A career

.. with an evolutionary potential thanks to managerial proximity and many training and support programmes.

A job

.. committed to the future and the environment and a mission that creates meaning.

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