Mobility is at the heart of today’s climate change and global sustainability challenges. Thus, our environmental, social, and quality commitments are not limited to internal initiatives. Our efforts are highly represented throughout our new business transition and upgraded products and services with the shift that we are leading towards new energies and mobility services. For this reason, we have developed a strategic plan, TSG 2.0, which focuses on the integration of sustainable products and services within our global business strategy.

We provide a one-stop shop of innovative energy and retail solutions, paving the way towards responsible energies and expanding consumer offerings beyond refuelling. We are also helping shift the role of the gas station, with new retail experiences, adjacent services, and innovative digital services. In doing so, we are defining the gas station of the future.

Today, our services are highly valued by our partners. We wish to maintain our high technical standards and environmental considerations in all business towards Responsible mobility.

We are focussed on business developments to continue meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations to provide services that reflect on our ambition to be a major actor of Responsible mobility and, doing that to participate to fight against climate change.

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