Proud of our customers

TSG serves a lot of different types of customers throughout the world. We supply to all sizes of operation, from small transport companies with a single site to large transport multinationals operating a wide network of sites. We support every single customer as much as we can, and are proud of every one of them.

TSG is supporting to make the transition to responsible mobility

Our main customer segments

TSG customers

Retail energy distribution networks

  • Major oil companies
  • National oil companies
  • Hyper and super markets
  • Independent station owners
  • Car wash center, truck wash center
  • Financial institutes
  • Software development
  • Merchant acquirers

Commercial and fleet operators

  • Goods logistics and transport companies
  • Bus, taxi and train operators
  • Authorities
  • Waste collection, recycling, facility
  • Aviation and marine
  • Construction, mining, oil companies
  • Car, truck and machine rental & lease
  • Car, truck dealership & manufacturers

Business and public parking

  • Workplace
  • Public road equipment
  • Individual and collective housing
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Hotels, restaurants, leisure
  • Charge point operator
  • Aftermarket Vehicle Service Shops


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