Enhance customer experience with facility control

In any business, facility management, encompassing land and buildings, can help to enhance customer experience and ensure regulatory compliance. Service stations are evolving, offering a wide spectrum of services including both traditional and alternative energies, retail and leisure, with a strong emphasis on the customer journey.

TSG Technics

To help businesses to keep pace with this transformation, TSG Technics provides innovative technical solutions for the forecourt and convenience store, with high environmental and safety standards. TSG offers scheduled maintenance plans for all forecourt and store equipment, together with a complete facilities management service, to prevent downtime and allow our customers to focus on day-to-day business operations.

We are a 24/7 full service provider

  • Design and preliminary work

    TSG Technics can design any facility to customer specifications, providing a technical drawing of the site.

  • Construction & installation

    TSG supplies and installs all of the equipment on site and delivers a complete project management service throughout the construction.

  • Service & facility management

    TSG’s service, maintenance and facilities management solution ensures operational uptime.

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TSG Technics solutions

The multi-technical one-stop-shop service.

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