Multi-national and Major Oil Company Fuel Retail Business

Key players in the fuel retail market are reimagining and updating the traditional operating model to appeal to today’s consumers. In recent years there has been a shift in consumer behaviour, expectations and preferences driving a complete reformation of fuel networks in Ireland.

non-fuel retail

Across the board, large network operators are investing heavily in non-fuel retail (NFR) by exploiting partner synergies in the convenience store, adding cafes and ‘food to go’ options, leisure facilities, postal services, entertainment and waiting areas offering free wi-fi. There is no doubt that the landscape of fuel retail is changing fast to attract a wider range of customers.

The new customer value proposition caters to all drivers regardless of fuel type, serving as a blueprint for other smaller networks and independents to follow. The redefined format has been shaped by the considerable change in shopping habits due to the pandemic and by the impending energy transition.

Electric car charging

A global movement toward a carbon-free economy is well underway, with motorists now considering alternative energies such as biofuels, gas, hydrogen and of course, electricity. The emergence and rapid growth of electric vehicles (EVs) on Ireland’s roads have presented an opportunity for fuel retailers to tap into a flourishing market, generate income from non-fuel sales, and take part in modelling the net-zero emissions future.

Furthermore, digital technologies and connectivity, on-demand services, online retail and mobile payments continue to evolve and raise consumer expectations. Customers, now more than ever, demand seamless communication and increased personalisation in services. This shift has prompted MOCs and multi-national groups to reinvent the way they serve shoppers and embrace digitisation in a bid to enhance operational efficiency and improve the customer experience.

TSG is here to help

As roll-out specialists, TSG Ireland has vast experience in handling the challenging needs of supermarkets,  MOCs and multi-national fuel retail groups. Large-scale operations need expert project management and a highly skilled team of field technicians to execute the plan of action. The TSG team is trained to comply with strict deadlines, working to tight budgets and with minimum disruption to sites.

TSG Ireland here to help support the Retail Forecourt

With over 50 years of experience, TSG is best known for the installation and maintenance of conventional fossil fuel stations and is now gaining recognition as a pioneer in the progression to cleaner energies, including electricity, gas and hydrogen.

TSG provides full turnkey solutions, from site survey, design, construction, project management, civil works, equipment installation and commissioning, backed up by a service and maintenance package.

dispenser ranges comprising Tokheim Quantium™ ML and Quantium™ FS and Wayne Helix™ 6000 II and Century™ 3


TSG can help large groups coordinate dispenser upgrades across their networks, scheduling the work to accommodate business needs and maintain maximum operational uptime.

Tokheim Quantium™ ML and Quantium™ FS and  Wayne Helix™ 6000 II and Century™ 3 are the next-generation dispenser models that showcase the latest in technological innovation, providing fuel retailers with reliable performance and a low total cost of ownership (TCO). The modern, intelligent design of all three new model ranges offers unparalleled choice and modularity, with configurations available for both conventional and alternative fuels, making them the perfect fit for any forecourt, now and in the future.

Media for the dispenser


Non-fuel sales have become a priority for larger retailers to leverage the time motorists spend on site.  T-Media creates a modern digital experience on the forecourt with media content that creates a sense of theatre and makes an otherwise dull fuelling process more interactive and engaging. TSG not only supplies T-Media but also provides training, from content management to the creation of a successful promotional strategy, that will generate additional footfall into the store.

Payment solutions from TSG Ireland


TSG Ireland supplies and installs Prizma®, the industry-leading electronic point of sale system (EPOS) that provides fuel retailers with full control of their forecourt devices, whilst maximising the profit potential of the site. It seamlessly integrates with fuel dispensers, price signs, tank level gauges, car washes, electric vehicle charge points and the back office, providing a unique insight into business operations.

Automatic Level Gauges

TSG offers a comprehensive range of ProGauge probes and consoles, which together can effectively retrieve product readings, water level readings and temperature measurements, so site owners always have an accurate understanding of the underground activity.

With many more products and solutions from TSG  – we satisfy the exacting demands of supermarkets, MOCs and multi-national fuel retail groups right across the island of Ireland.

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