Key features


The probes have the ability to monitor all fuel types and additives, including biofuels and AdBlue, whilst also supporting density, phase separation, leak detection and inventory management. Using magnetostrictive technology, the probes transmit a high frequency electrical impulse that travels at the speed of sound, returning unbeatably accurate fuel readings which are then relayed to the console on site or directly to the point-of-sale (POS). Available as both wired and wireless units.


  • Fast and reliable data transmission
  • Early detection of water contamination
  • Available as both wired and wireless to suit all site types.


The ProGauge Maglink LX 4 is next generation tank gauge console, now with intelligent ‘touch and swipe’ technology. Developed to offer an unrivalled user experience, the Maglink LX 4 ’s touchscreen enables you to effortlessly move between screens to easily view all of your tank data through its new and improved graphical display. This, coupled with a brighter screen, faster processor and simplified reporting capabilities makes it the most advanced tank gauge on the market.


  • Access to historical in-tank level readings
  • Early detection of water contamination
  • Touch and swipe technology for swift access to your data
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