Key features


A suite of wireless probes is available as a solution for those situations in which hardwiring is not an option. The latest wireless probes use innovative technology for improved reliability and reduced interference. A dedicated bandwidth for metering and telemetry is better suited to the petrol station environment. The easy installation of the wireless probes and antennae eliminates the need for digging up a site in order to install wiring.


When it comes to choosing a console, ProGauge has a wide variety of options to select from. Available for groups of 2 to 32 tanks, the Maglink consoles offer flexible configurations for use in a variety of fuelling set-ups, both wired and wireless. A web-based, easy-to-follow user interface quickly enables the operator to access a variety of simplified menus. Multiple POS interfaces are supported, including a Magdirect option offering a direct interface to the probes.

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