AdBlue® Dispenser Solutions

AdBlue® Key features
ISO 22241 Compliant

AdBlue® can be extremely caustic, and this is why the Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS) brands, Tokheim and Wayne, have designed a set of corrosion-resistant components for their AdBlue® dispensers.

Our TQM AdBlue® meter is widely regarded as the most reliable in the industry – this means that it operates for longer and requires less servicing over the course of its lifetime. All hydraulic components have been tested and validated to ensure they comply with ISO 22241 and are suitable to be used with AdBlue® over the lifetime of the dispenser.

AdBlue® Combo

The Quantium ML FHR and Helix 6000 II AdBlue® Combo, with fully integrated petrol and diesel fuel choices combined with AdBlue® additive, features an innovative display to allow for simultaneous dual transactions. The enhanced design includes a user-friendly display for a convenient and fast-fuelling experience, delivering superior performance and added value to any business.

Tokheim Quantium ML AdBlue® fuel dispenser

Sliding door

AdBlue® is not just corrosive – it’s also particularly sensitive to temperature and begins to crystallise when it comes into contact with air. As such, dispensing AdBlue® can be a messy business that can rapidly make a fuelling station look untidy. Tokheim’s patented sliding door solution overcomes these hurdles through a heat-controlled technology system that provides a clean environment for your customers to refuel in. The carefully engineered design is easy to use, without any of the ‘stickiness’ typically associated with AdBlue® dispensers.

AdBlue® Tank and Pump Servicing, Maintenance and Repairs

Quick and efficient AdBlue® tank and pump repairs

TSG UK provides you with high-quality AdBlue® tank repair and maintenance services. From transfer pump problems and hardware issues to damaged delivery hoses and faulty meters, our highly skilled engineers can fix anything in no time.

Our AdBlue® Repair Services Cover:

  • Transfer pump problems
  • Motor replacements
  • Electrical switch faults
  • Leak or damage repairs
  • Level gauging
  • Sensor and cable repairs and replacements
  • Hardware issues and much more

Highly skilled engineers / AdBlue® maintenance

TSG has a team of engineers who have a wealth of experience in installing, repairing and servicing all types of AdBlue® tanks and pumps.

Comprehensive AdBlue® Services:

  • Tank repairs and maintenance
  • Pump repairs and maintenance
  • Pump and tank supply and installation
  • Tank and pump servicing
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