Service & Maintenance

The expense of a service and maintenance contract may seem daunting, especially if the forecourt is operating on a tight budget. However, regular maintenance will lengthen the lifespan of dispensing equipment and ultimately lower costs, providing a sound investment in the company’s future.

By proactively scheduling maintenance, site owners can significantly reduce the risk of their equipment failing and consequently relax, safe in the knowledge that they have taken the necessary precautionary measures to sustain operational uptime. There is never a good time for a dispenser to break down, as invariably the resulting downtime is much longer than the downtime required for scheduled maintenance. Adopting an ‘if it isn’t broken don’t fix it’ attitude and relying solely on reactive maintenance leaves the site vulnerable to added costs and lost profits.

With effective maintenance management, the equipment will receive proper care and inspections, which identify potential problems before they become serious issues. During the service, the equipment will be cleaned and lubricated, with the replacement of any parts showing signs of excessive wear. All of these activities help to keep the equipment running smoothly and efficiently, minimising failure rates and reducing depreciation.

Qualified TSG Ireland Engineers

Keep costs under control

An emergency repair is typically very expensive, especially if it involves waiting for spare parts to be delivered which subsequently prolongs dispenser downtime and increases disruption to the business. Reactive maintenance generates more emergency repairs and may cause permanent damage to the dispenser, hampering performance down the line and leading to premature replacement.

Keeping costs under control is a significant benefit of planned maintenance management, as business owners are able to allocate their maintenance budget more effectively, ensuring each dispenser receives the requisite level of service to remain fully operational at all times.


TSG – a better service all round

Here at TSG Ireland Solutions, we recognise the importance of effective preventative maintenance management on retail forecourts, commercial operations and vehicle wash stations. TSG is the largest service and equipment provider in the industry with more than 50 years of experience in installation, service and maintenance, supporting independent networks, multinational oil companies and supermarkets across the island of Ireland.

Independent Retail Forecourts


TSG Ireland’s customers are able to select a service and maintenance arrangement that best satisfies their business needs and budget. For example, a five-day maintenance plan during normal working hours may be sufficient for smaller operations. Larger networks may prefer a six or seven-day scheme, with the option to upgrade to a 24/7 emergency call-out service for those unexpected breakdowns.

Emergency cover can be essential for busy sites to help maintain the smooth flow of traffic through the station. One call to the TSG customer services team and a technician can be on the premises within a four, six or eight-hour time frame, depending on the terms laid out in the agreement. For emergency responses, whether they be health and safety or operational issues, our service team will respond immediately and aim to make safe or resolve the problem within a few hours.

Needless to say, there is a multitude of variations in the support levels available with a TSG Ireland service agreement, since they are all tailor-made by our contract team to suit core business requirements. For larger groups with more challenging needs, TSG can provide a designated key accounts manager who is responsible for their service and maintenance schedule and is able to act as an adviser on system/equipment upgrades as required.

Highly skilled and fully trained team at TSG Ireland

Training is key

All TSG Ireland’s field technicians take part in regular intensive training programmes to maintain service consistency across the board, whilst keeping informed of product updates and the latest industry technology. In preparation for the impending transition to greener fuel alternatives, essential coaching is currently underway on LNG, electricity and hydrogen.

This strict training schedule ensures that TSG’s service exceeds customer expectations and safeguards its position as one of the leading service and maintenance providers in the business.

Pump measure checks and verifications

Additional services

Pump Measure Check and Verifications

TSG’s pump verification service helps to rectify problematic dispensers and keep them within legal tolerance. As an approved verifier for all major dispenser manufacturers, if recalibration is required, we can adjust and re-stamp meters on the same day.

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