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There is no doubt that the pandemic changed shopping habits right across the island of Ireland, making the local service station a popular destination for shoppers wishing to avoid crowded supermarkets. During that time, many proactive fuel retailers benefitted from the new consumer trend by extending their facilities to include a variety of services such as cafés, postal amenities, leisure and shopping, along with regular and premium fuel grades, restoring their business profits. This brave move has paid dividends for retailers, as customers continue to patronise local convenience stores, despite life having returned to near normal.

DC and AC Chargers from TSG Ireland

In recent years, car manufacturers have switched their focus to the production of electric vehicles (EVs), adding a new dimension to the revenue opportunities for forecourt owners. As established fuel suppliers, independent retailers are in a strong position to claim natural ownership of EV charging. By treating it as incremental business and leveraging their existing locations and facilities to deliver charge points, they could generate a high return on investment via supplementary store and café sales.

However, as with any large-scale investment, it is always wise to exercise due diligence to identify past and current trends of EV sales within a site’s vicinity and establish a baseline for electric vehicle penetration.

Is now the right time?

Major oil companies are already moving at a fast pace to adopt more sustainable energies, including electric, gas and hydrogen, alongside their traditional fuel offering,  hoping to steal a march on the competition. Nevertheless, it is vitally important for independent retailers to take a step back and evaluate their own situation and the viability of making such a significant financial commitment. Location is key; busy urban sites and motorway service stations are arguably more likely to witness a higher throughput of alternative energy vehicle drivers than their counterparts in rural areas.

Alternative energy solutions from TSG Ireland

Furthermore, the current energy crisis has led to a temporary downswing in EV sales, as car buyers compare electricity charges to the cost of petrol and diesel. These indicators are certainly food for thought for independent retailers as they contemplate the shift to alternative energies.

Small changes can make all the difference

As Ireland’s car fleet progressively switches to new greener energies, retailers can take advantage of the long transitional period, by capitalising on partner synergies and introducing or strengthening their presence in the fast food market. Maybe adding seating areas with free Wi-Fi for customers to enjoy food and beverages on site.

Media for the dispenser

Opting for a clean store layout that is easy to negotiate is a must, the same can be said for creating a colourful and welcoming display of merchandise, stocking fresh local farm produce and ensuring current special offers are well signposted. The adoption of T-Media at the fuel dispenser can really help to boost shop sales and profit margins, by driving targeted advertising throughout the refuelling process.

EPOS system from TSG Ireland

Or perhaps updating the electronic point-of-sale system, which will provide valuable insight into customer behaviour and help managers to identify their best-selling stock and likewise, their poorest-performing items, in an effort to improve the ordering process and stocking levels.

When budget allows, upgrading dispensing equipment not only freshens up the forecourt but results in reduced maintenance charges,  fewer service interventions and pinpoint accuracy during fuel deliveries.

TSG is here to help

Whichever direction retailers choose to take, TSG Ireland Retail is here to help them navigate through any difficult challenges to reach the best possible solution for their business. With over 50 years of experience, TSG is best known for the installation and maintenance of conventional fossil fuel stations and is now gaining recognition as a pioneer in the progression to cleaner energies, including electricity, gas and hydrogen.

TSG provides full turnkey solutions, from site survey, design, construction, project management, civil works, equipment installation and commissioning, backed up by a service and maintenance package.

dispenser ranges comprising Tokheim Quantium™ ML and Quantium™ FS and Wayne Helix™ 6000 II and Century™ 3


We can offer two brand new dispenser ranges comprising Tokheim Quantium™ ML and Quantium™ FS and  Wayne Helix™ 6000 II and Century™ 3. The next-generation Quantium,  Helix and Century dispenser models showcase the latest in technological innovation, providing fuel retailers with reliable performance and a low total cost of ownership (TCO). The modern, intelligent design of all three new model ranges offers unparalleled choice and modularity, with configurations available for both conventional and alternative fuels, making them the perfect fit for any forecourt, now and in the future.

T Media


T-Media creates a modern digital experience on the forecourt with media content that creates a sense of theatre and makes an otherwise dull fuelling process more interactive and engaging. TSG not only supplies T-Media but also provides training, from content management to the creation of a successful promotional strategy, that will generate additional footfall into the store.



Prizma®, available from TSG Ireland, is the industry-leading EPOS that provides fuel retailers with full control of their forecourt devices, whilst maximising the profit potential of the site. It seamlessly integrates with fuel dispensers, price signs, tank level gauges, car washes, electric vehicle charge points and the back office, providing a unique insight into business operations.

Level Gauge Console

Automatic Level Gauges

TSG offers a comprehensive range of ProGauge probes and consoles, which together can effectively retrieve product readings, water level readings and temperature measurements, so site owners always have an accurate understanding of the underground activity.

With many more products and solutions from TSG Ireland – we tick all of the boxes for fuel retail.

With many more products and solutions from TSG Ireland – we tick all of the boxes for fuel retail.

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