The Helix dispenser is designed for them

  • Retailers

    need any advantage that can help to increase their volume, create customer loyalty and help drive customers into the store.

  • Technicians

    need to work quickly and more efficiently these days, so they need dispensers that not only simplify maintenance, but also require less of it.

  • Motorists

    just want to get in, get what they need, and get on with their day. They want to feel safe. They want clean fueling. And they may even want a snack.

The benefits of Helix

  • Smart design to enhance customer brand space
  • Improve attendant & motorist visibility across the forecourt
  • Minimize the effects of dirt & wear to maintain a clean appearance
  • Developed the Wayne Way with state of the art solutions

The Wayne dispenser family

Designed for you. Engineered for the world.


The ideal solution for fleet operators and smaller service stations.

No. of products 1 or 2
Products Fuel, LPG, Adblue
Max. no of nozzles 4
Nozzle reach 4m
Flowrates 40, 40-70, 70, 130 or 180 LPM
Payment integrated No
FuelLOG integrated No
Helix LHR

Helix LHR

The entry level multi-product dispenser with the basic hose management system.

No. of products 5
Products Fuel, LPG, AdBlue, CNG
Max. no of nozzles 10
Nozzle reach 3,5m
Flow rates 40, 40-70, 70 or 130 LPM
Payment integration Yes (optional)
FuelLOG integrated No
Helix FHR

Helix FHR

The multi-product dispenser equipped with the full hose retraction system.

No. of products 5
Products Fuel, LPG, AdBlue, CNG
Max. no of nozzles 10
Nozzle reach 4m
Flow rates 40, 40-70, 70, or 130 LPM
Payment integrated Yes (optional)
FuelLOG integrated No

Service and maintenance features

Hydraulic cabinet

  • Access from front and side, and partly from top
  • Highly accessible filters with no need touching filters during exchange
  • Framework of square tubes makes cabinet airy and components easy to access
  • No sharp edges in maintenance areas
  • Common filter/strainer for all meters

Electronic head

  • Payment module is separated for remote service possibilities
  • Sales and volume display with visible service codes for easy error seeking and problem ID
  • Cable wiring tidy with unique cable routing
  • End connectors on all cables for easy plug-in
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