Take care of your investment

Customer retention starts and ends with customer satisfaction, a factor that can be positively influenced by keeping a clean and well-maintained vehicle wash facility. With the myriad of components involved, it is vitally important to choose a maintenance provider that has a comprehensive knowledge of the equipment and can deliver prompt and effective service.

There are, of course, general guidelines available that enable site owners to carry out routine daily checks, which will supplement the professional service and maintenance programme. These include but are not limited to, a visual inspection of feed hoses, brushes, nozzles, drains, blowers, lights, water flow, detergent levels, pay stations (if applicable) and the general cleanliness of the wash. It is also advisable to perform a regular vehicle test wash to determine if the brushes are making full contact with the vehicle and establish if the soap is being applied correctly.

These simple checks can help to identify a potential problem, permitting the wash manager to call for specialist assistance, before it develops into a real issue and causes operational downtime. Involving site staff in this daily process will equip them with the knowledge they need to handle any future snags should they arise.

Planned preventative maintenance (PPM) explained

PPM acts as a protective insurance policy against serious mechanical failure, which can lead to a costly and time-consuming interruption of business operations.

Where the budget allows, a comprehensive PPM schedule is a sound investment for site owners and represents excellent value for money in the long term. Regular visits from a qualified technician will increase equipment longevity and keep it in peak operational condition, ensuring the wash continues to function safely and efficiently.

By comparison, reactive maintenance describes the strategy of repairing equipment at the point of breakdown. By adopting a run-to-failure (RTF) approach, when the wash develops a fault, operators run the risk of paying a far greater price than PPM, both in terms of lost productivity and repair costs.

Wash clean

It stands to reason that a busy vehicle wash facility that caters to a large number of dirty vehicles on a daily basis will soon take on a less-than-perfect appearance. In particular, commercial wash operations that have to remove excessive amounts of road grime, brake dust and bird droppings from fleet vehicles will need regular cleaning in order to maintain health and safety criteria.

Whether it be washing the vehicles of company drivers or the general public, it is important for site owners to uphold high standards of cleanliness in order to achieve long-term success and sustainable profits for the business.

Just fifteen minutes with a jet wash every week (dependent upon throughput) can restore the wash equipment to its former glory, which helps to support customer retention and protect brand identity.

TSG Wash – PPM specialists

TSG delivers a bespoke vehicle wash PPM service across the island of Ireland, managing the needs of any type and size of facility, from the small independent car wash right through to multinational commercial fleet operations.

TSG is the largest service and maintenance provider in the energy industry, offering unparalleled expertise in Kärcher Wash Solutions, with more than 50 years of experience in the sector.

Customers are able to select a TSG PPM contract that best fits the needs and budget of the wash site/network, with the option to include a 24/7 emergency call-out service for those unexpected breakdowns. Before a site visit is arranged, the customer service desk will always provide helpful troubleshooting tips for customers to try, as in some instances it can be a quick and easy fix.

TSG vans carry a wide variety of the most frequently requested spare parts, ensuring that over 75% of wash equipment issues are fixed on the first visit.

Training for success

All TSG Ireland field technicians take part in regular intensive training programmes to maintain service consistency across the board, whilst keeping informed of product updates and the latest industry technology.

This strict training schedule ensures that TSG’s service exceeds customer expectations and safeguards its position as one of the leading service and maintenance providers in the business.

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