Car wash - independent fuel retailers can clean up!

Historically, service stations were regarded as a place for motorists to refuel, check tyre pressure and maybe buy the odd snack. But this basic stereotype is now a thing of the past as retailers battle to keep abreast of new consumer trends and rising expectations. In recent years, many large forecourt networks and independent dealers have revised the traditional business model to become multifaceted operations that include sizeable grocery stores,  cafés, post office services and electric vehicle charge points, in an effort to maintain that competitive edge.

This transformation has undoubtedly had a positive impact on the sites’ turnover and bottom-line profitability, but is there anything else that would help retailers attract new customers?

There is one important component missing from the upgrades listed above that has the potential to drive additional traffic, encourage customer loyalty and generate a welcome new revenue stream for the business – the fully-automated car wash.

Independent Retail Forecourts

Things to consider

Installing a car wash is a significant investment and should always be considered carefully, taking into account the location of the site, space availability,  potential ancillary sales and the standard of existing competition in the local community. For instance, forecourts situated in a densely populated, built-up area or on a busy commuter route will benefit from a high volume of passing traffic, whilst sites in more rural areas rely heavily on residents in surrounding villages and day-trippers/holidaymakers.

Once a due diligence check has been completed and the decision to install a car wash has been made, it is critical to engage the services of an established, reputable supplier to project manage the entire operation, including aftersales care, service and maintenance.

The opportunity

Vehicles travelling through busy cities and towns accumulate road grime, bird droppings and brake dust at an alarming rate, prompting conscientious owners/drivers to keep a lookout for a convenient car wash. The hectic pace of modern-day life means that free time is of a premium for most motorists, who are naturally reluctant to spend valuable hours washing their vehicles when a quick visit to a car wash can probably do a better job.

Customers who are attracted to the site by the car wash facility often take the opportunity to refuel and stock up on essentials in the convenience store during the same visit, resulting in incremental sales for the retailer.


Sustainability is key

The global focus on sustainability has inspired vehicle wash manufacturers to use technological advances to radically improve the water quality used during the wash process and a method for recycling it afterward. In the majority of cases, car wash systems use a closed-loop reclaim system that can save up to 98% of the fresh water used in every wash, significantly reducing operating costs and minimising the impact on the environment.

The alternative

Of course, not all independent retailers are in a position to invest in a fully automated car wash, either due to budget restrictions or limited space. For these sites, a compact self-service jet wash system is the perfect solution.

When coupled with a self-service vacuum cleaner, retailers can offer a complete valeting solution for all of their customers.

TSG Wash is here to help

TSG has over 30 years of expertise in the fuel sector and has worked with many independent retailers during that time to find the right car wash solution for their business.

As an exclusive partner with Kärcher, TSG Wash specialises in the supply and installation of professional fully automated car/van wash solutions, jet washes and vacuum cleaners, backed up by a comprehensive service and maintenance package.

Furthermore, TSG can supply a variety of high-performance detergents to deliver superior wash results. These cleaning agents are formulated to provide the best possible protection for the operator, equipment, vehicles and the environment.

Kleanstar iQ

Kärcher Commercial Wash Solutions

The Kärcher CWB3 KLEAN!STAR and CB line gantry washing systems are suitable for medium to large retail sites and can handle a considerable number of vehicles on a daily basis, comprising basic equipment through to premium systems. Each solution can be tailored exactly to the retailer’s requirements and comes with a wide range of additional options and equipment components.


The new series of CB wash solutions from Kärcher, designed for fast wash programmes, offers middle and premium-class automatic car washing.

Jet Wash

For smaller sites, TSG can supply and install the Kärcher SB OB jet wash system. This compact system can be configured to suit any size of operation. The design, washing temperature, pump capacity, wash tools and additional equipment options (such as integrated frost protection) are all determined by the site manager.

The Kärcher self-service vacuum cleaner SB VC

Equipped as standard with an automatic system for filter cleaning, the highly efficient SB VC guarantees maximum suction whilst vacuuming a vehicle’s carpets or upholstery.  It features a wide range of options, allowing for individual configuration and accepts both coins or tokens dependent on preference.

Service and maintenance

A comprehensive service and maintenance programme is a must for all vehicle wash facilities to identify potential problems and protect the smooth performance of the equipment.

TSG Ireland provides tailored scheduled maintenance packages for all types of vehicle wash systems to safeguard operational efficiency and prevent unnecessary downtime.

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