Digital media at TSG Ireland

The forecourt and convenience store sector is highly competitive; accordingly, retailers must develop a unique promotional strategy to help set their premises apart from the rest. Since 2020, convenience stores have seen impressive sales growth, as they are typically less crowded than supermarkets, allowing customers to enjoy a quicker shopping experience.

The local forecourt’s convenience store is just that: convenient. These stores aren’t generally where customers go to browse, the likelihood is the shoppers are visiting for something specific. This standard consumer characteristic makes profitability a challenge for many of the smaller sites. However, by raising the customer experience with the introduction of fresh, healthy food items, it is possible to shift this behaviour, driving incremental sales and business growth. Digital media at the pump can help raise customer awareness of new products and site owners manage perishable stocks. Items with a short shelf life might be featured as a daily special, and a store with surplus produce might run a local promotion.

T-Media™ is flexible and easy to use, making it the perfect tool to promote in-store products, capturing the undivided attention of the customer whilst they refuel.

Raising the profile

Relevant and purposeful content displayed on media screens at the dispenser is the ideal way to connect with customers. Sales promotions, additional services (e.g. car wash), notifications and advertisements, interspersed with online customer reviews, help to elevate the site’s reputation as a modern and contemporary establishment. Furthermore, retailers that use innovative technology to keep customers informed are perceived as cutting edge, keeping them one step ahead of their counterparts who still use conventional poster sites and static signage.

Right place - right time

Scheduling content in advance can pay dividends, as setting the date, time and duration of specific content can help to maximise the sales opportunity. For instance, coffee promotion during breakfast rush hour meal deals at lunchtime, cold drinks on hot days etc.

Unlike posters displaying a limited-time promotion, digital media never goes out of date. T-Media is a powerful content management solution that gives site owners the ability to drive targeted promotional strategies at the fuel dispenser. T-Media makes it simple to upload and change the media content and promotions that the motorist sees at every stage of the fuelling process. Advertisements and messages are easily deployed across the site or network, thanks to T-Media’s cloud-based functionality. Whether site owners need to boost shop purchases, upsell premium fuel grades or sell car washes, T-Media can enhance customer engagement and loyalty to the site while boosting per-visit sales and profit.

TSG is here to help

TSG Systems Ireland recognises the importance of effective digital media on retail forecourts, during refuelling. The dispenser screens reflect the quality and professionalism of the site and instantly provide visitors with an insight into the standards and expectations of the operation.

TSG is the largest service and equipment provider in the industry with more than 30 years of experience in installation, service and maintenance, supporting independent networks, multinational oil companies and supermarkets across the island of Ireland.

TSG’s T-Media can unlock the power of event-driven advertising with tailored messages that engage the motorist much more successfully than traditional loop media. T-Media is not only physically integrated into the fuel dispenser, but is also synchronised to the fuelling process itself, delivering relevant media content at every stage.

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