Payment security - inside and out

Debit card payments have long since overtaken the use of cash, as contactless technology takes a firm hold on day-to-day spending. The modern world is fast-paced, stressful and frenetic, where time is of the essence and consumer expectations are high.

Long gone are the days when customers were happy to stand in queues passing the time of day, they now demand slick and secure payment solutions to purchase both fuel and goods. Retailers need to consider the shifting requirements of busy consumers and provide fast, efficient payment solutions both inside and outside the store.

Outdoor payment terminals (OPTs) are unattended payment facilities located on the forecourt, as a standalone device or integrated into the fuel dispenser, that provide customers with secure self-service transaction options, using contact or contactless payment methods. OPTs are the perfect solution for unmanned stations or for high-traffic sites where customers want to refuel on the move. The pre-payment of fuel at an OPT terminal will prevent drive-offs whilst easing the queues in the store, allowing genuine grocery shoppers more time and space to fill their baskets, thus increasing both fuel and shop sales.

Indoor payment terminals (IPTs), often referred to as personal identification number (PIN) pad, is a device that allows merchants to capture credit and debit card information required to complete a transaction. It is crucial that retailers invest in a tried and trusted terminal that is fully supported by a reputable service provider. The vast majority of IPTs accept chip and PIN, mobile payment and contactless card payments, providing a customer receipt on completion of the sale.

Rivalry in the forecourt sector is intense, prompting fuel retailers to invest in the latest payment technology to satisfy consumer demand and prevent the loss of business to neighbouring competitors.

Safe and secure

It is critical that card payment terminals are secure and can be trusted by merchants and consumers alike. One isolated incident of data breach can destroy a forecourt’s reputation and consumer confidence is often irreparable.

Technological advancements in payment solutions over recent years have made transactions swift and effortless, however, the mandatory protocol surrounding data protection is stricter than ever before.

The required standards for payment card security are set by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC), to ensure that regulations are consistent across the globe. Any business that processes, transmits or stores cardholder data must comply with PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements.

These standards define how payment security is implemented and are constantly being reviewed and developed to counteract the latest techniques employed by scammers.

TSG is here to help

TSG Systems Ireland is here to help retailers upgrade their payment equipment with the minimum of fuss, to provide the best solution possible for their business needs. Whether it is PIN pads for the store, outdoor payment terminals for the forecourt, or a combination of both, TSG can guide site owners through the process and provide staff training to ensure a seamless installation.

TSG has over 30 years of experience in supplying and installing retail solutions for fuel sites across the island of Ireland. With its extensive portfolio of products, TSG can satisfy the needs of any size of operation, from a single independently owned business to a national multi-site network.

Crypto VGA™ Outdoor Payment Terminal (OPT)

The Crypto VGA™ is the most advanced and secure OPT in the energy retail sector. Available either as a standalone unit or integrated into the dispenser, the Crypto VGA™ is fully certified in accordance with the latest PCI DSS approvals. It accepts credit, debit and fuel cards along with the latest technologies, such as contactless and smartphones.

Aside from an easy transaction process and modern payment methods, the Crypto VGA OPT offers anti-fraud protection, with its integrated privacy shield plus advanced anti-tamper and anti-skimming measures, to help counter fraud attempts. Furthermore, it can connect to and control payment for electric vehicle (EV) chargers and multiple dispensers on one site. The Crypto VGA OPT combines sleek aesthetics and smart design into one robust, anti-corrosion housing unit.

Dispenser Integrated Terminal (DIT)

The Tokheim Crypto VGA DIT is available as either a single or double-sided solution. Installed with a specifically designed anti-fraud protection housing unit, the Crypto VGA DIT integrates seamlessly into the Tokheim Quantium™, Wayne Helix™ and third-party dispensers.


The Tokheim OASE facilitates payment at the electronic point-of-sale and can accommodate all major credit, debit or fuel cards, with a fixed annual fee regardless of transaction volume. This simple but highly secure payment system reduces the complexity of protocol implementation on the site by using a central switchpoint.  Transactions are authorised quickly and securely which helps to improve customer experience and cultivate loyalty.

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