TSG’s revenues exceed one billion euros, and the group successfully carries out its transformation strategy for responsible mobility

Le Plessis-Robinson, June 4th, 2024 – TSG closes its 2023/24 fiscal year (FY24) with several significant achievements: the group’s revenues have exceeded one billion euros (1.1 billion EUR), doubling its size in 5 years, and TSG successfully transforming its business model towards responsible mobility. For the first time, services related to new mobility energies exceeded 30% of the group’s consolidated revenues, which are now balanced between traditional energies, new energies for mobility, and other technical services for infrastructures and payment solutions.

This strategic transformation was driven by strong growth (+16% vs FY23), both organically (+11%) and externally (+5%), supported by dynamic electric mobility activities, Gas/Biogas and Hydrogen activities development, and more than twenty acquisitions over the past two years.

In the second half of 2024 and over the next five years, the group plans to continue its transformation at the same pace. TSG intends to keep expanding its offers for responsible mobility across all energy sources with integrated and turnkey solutions combining photovoltaic, storage batteries, transformers, etc. In addition, the group aims to strengthen its expertise in associated technical services such as HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) and payment systems.

Accelerating new mobility energies with more integrated offers

With over 50,000 charging points installed and maintained across Europe and a 100-fold increase in sales in this segment, TSG will further intensify its commitment to the development of new mobility energies, with a particular focus on electricity. The electrification of buses, trucks, and professional fleets will be a significant challenge in 2024 due to recent European regulations for an accelerated electrification of business vehicles. TSG aims to play a major role in deploying the energy distribution infrastructures necessary for the electrification of heavy mobility.

Gas and biogas will also be a major development axis in the coming years. The group will capitalize on its expertise with 43 additional biogas stations already installed in 2023 and a successful start in the hydrogen sector with 2 turnkey stations installed for a major automotive manufacturer and 23 sites under maintenance to date.

Furthermore, to address its client’s needs for more efficiency, TSG has begun significant development in photovoltaic solutions, regularly associated to energy storage capacities. This activity, developed in 2023 with several large-scale projects in Italy, Eastern Europe, Africa, and France, holds substantial development potential, which has led TSG to acquire JCM Solar in France, EEG in South Africa, and recently Alvarez Solaire, a company specializing in the installation and maintenance of photovoltaic panels in southwestern France. Additionally, the Group is strengthening its partnerships, with Pixii for example, the European specialist in energy storage solutions.

Providing mobility hubs with a “one-stop-shop” for technical services, and management and payment systems

TSG confirms its European leadership with a comprehensive range of technical services, management solutions, and payment systems for energy distribution infrastructures to continually enhance the customer mobility experience. Its ambition is to streamline the operation of mobility hubs, positioning itself as the referent technical one-stop-shop.

TSG supports its longstanding clients in the multi-service evolution of their service stations (restaurants, workspaces, shops, etc.) through the expertise of its teams in electricity, ventilation, cooling, video surveillance, signposting, etc. TSG has recently strengthened this segment with the acquisition of the German company Kegler Kälte, specializing in the installation and maintenance of air conditioning and cooling systems.

TSG offers its clients (logistics companies, public transport operators, industrial players, etc.) complete management solutions for their public or private mobility hubs, with centralized management solutions (from stock management to fuel distribution for all energies) and multiple payment solutions (digital kiosks, card payment terminal, vehicle recognition systems, etc.).

“In 2023, TSG’s transformation accelerated once again, driven by a double-digit growth. Activities related to new energies now represent over 30% of the group’s consolidated revenue and constitute a significant growth reservoir to continue TSG’s transformation strategy initiated four years ago to develop multi-energy and multi-service solutions. Being a key player in the energy transition for mobility and the ‘one-stop-shop’ for technical services for our clients are our daily ambitions. In the coming months, we will continue to strengthen our group to enter a new growth phase,” declares Jean-Marc Bianchi, Chairman and CEO of TSG.

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