Over a century ago, merchant John J. Tokheim searched for a method to improve the petrol dispensing process. He invented the ‘Tokheim Dome Oil Pump’ to do the job. Tokheim has continued improving the solutions they provide. It has expanded its market reach by manufacturing a variety of forecourt solutions, including fuel dispensers, payment systems, and automated forecourt solutions.

TSG is the exclusive partner of Tokheim, allowing us to provide world-class solutions needed for the smooth and hassle-free management of your business. Today, Tokheim has research and manufacturing centers all around the world. It has established manufacturing plants in Scotland, France, India, and China. Allowing Tokheim to distribute its industry-leading products across the globe

In collaboration with TSG, Tokheim offers an outstanding range of dispensers, payment solutions, and many other products, all of which are guaranteed to be well supported. TSG has a vast amount of experience when it comes to maintaining Tokheim products, so you can be sure you’ll have an all-in solution that you’ll never have to worry about again. No other company has as much experience as we have, uniquely positioning TSG to support Tokheim solutions.

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