Fenotec manufactures products that meet the special requirements for leak protection systems and supports customers in optimising the installation of leak-protection linings. The company offers innovative and partially patented solutions, such as prefabricated liners for underground tanks, stitched linings for cylindrical tanks, and flanges. In addition to leak protection linings, Fenotec has – in collaboration with its customers – developed a range of other film and coated fabric products for other applications.

In 2015 and working in partnership with Fenotec, TSG developed a new, innovative tank lining solution which is now available for retail, commercial and domestic applications. The process is unmanned, as no operator enters the tank, thereby limiting health and safety risks. This makes it a safer, faster and cheaper alternative when compared with the traditional method for tank replacement or refurbishment. This lining is a good example of the professional and ambitious partnerships TSG pursues and maintains.

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