Why Your Business Needs Electric Car Charging Points

The adoption of electric vehicles (EV) in Ireland is soaring in recent years. EV sales were up 11% at the start of this year and by the year 2030 the Government aims to have all new vehicles sold here to be zero emission. This means that your employees and customers are currently or will be searching for EV charging solutions in the near future. Bearing this in mind, it makes sense for your business to install EV chargers. Not only will these chargers be extremely useful for both your employees and customers, but you can also benefit from the Accelerated Capital Allowance tax incentive. This tax incentive along with the key reasons why your business needs EV charging points will be discussed in today’s post.

Accelerated Capital Allowance Tax Incentive

The ACA tax incentive for energy saving equipment allows businesses to deduct the full cost of the equipment, including EV chargers, from their profits in the year of purchase. This leads to a reduction in tax paid that year of 12.5% of the value of the capital expenditure. This is certainly a large incentive for many businesses to become more energy saving, for example, through the installation of EV charging points.

Increased footfall and time spent at your business

If your business is one which benefits from increased footfall, then the presence of EV charging points can increase this significantly. EV owners are always on the lookout for convenient locations to charge their car. While their cars charge these users can potentially become your customers. Examples of industries which can benefit greatly from the increased footfall EV charging points lead to are retail and food businesses. Customers are often encouraged to stay for longer as they wait for their car to charge which increases their chances of spending more with your business.

Employee Satisfaction

Employees whose needs are met by their company are more engaged and productive. By supplying EV charging solutions for your employees you are responding to their current or future needs. This will make your employees more likely to stay working for your business. It also helps to attract future employees due to the knowledge that you’re a sustainable business who caters for employee’s needs.


Touching on the sustainability point mentioned above, installing and providing EV charging solutions for your customers, clients or employees demonstrates your commitment to be sustainable and can support your brand values. EV charging solutions at your place of business communicates a clear message of your businesses’ position with regards to reducing its environmental impact. With the transition from traditional fossil fuel vehicles to EV more prevalent than ever you will be future proofing your business by installing EV charging points while establishing yourself as a sustainable business.

Convenience for Clients

Clients base their decisions on which companies they will partner with on a wide variety of factors. Convenience is one of the most important factors. EV charging points will be attractive to clients who can charge their car while they attend a meeting. Secondly, for clients who wish to work with sustainable, eco-friendly businesses then your business will be actively displaying your efforts to be more sustainable and therefore attract these environmentally-aware clients.

Install EV Chargers in Your Workplace

With an ever-increasing demand for charging infrastructure and clear benefits to their installation, customers are looking for one single supplier to provide world-class charging solutions, installation, and service. Let us here at TSG be a valued partner for your business. We will find the best charging solution for your needs and provide expert installation and service. If you have any questions about EV chargers or are looking to install EV chargers for your business, then contact us today on 01 461 9800.

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