Electric Vehicle Charging Stations For Hotels In Ireland

The number of electric vehicles on Ireland’s roads has been increasing exponentially year on year and in response, so have the number of EV charging points.

As a hotel owner or manager, your number one priority is customer satisfaction. With more and more of your customers now driving electric vehicles it’s important to provide them with a solution to charge their vehicle while they stay overnight or avail of your hotel’s amenities.

In this post we look at the strategic benefits that installing EV charging stations for your hotel will have.

1.      Increased Visibility

Accommodation booking websites such as booking.com now include an EV charging filter to enable guests to find hotels where they can charge their vehicles. By offering EV charging solutions your hotel will be visible when guests apply this filter and will appeal to those who require such a feature from the accommodation they choose. This provides you with a strategic advantage over other hotels in the area who do not offer such a benefit.

2.      Reach A New Audience

For electric vehicle drivers if a hotel doesn’t have charging points then it’s not somewhere they will consider staying in regardless of how good the service or food may be. By offering EV charging solutions your hotel will be attractive to a whole new audience who will return thanks to the charging solution but also for your great service and food!

3.      Become More Sustainable

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are big considerations these days in the hotel industry. By installing EV charging facilites you’ll be actively addressing your sustainability goals while providing real benefits to your customers, employees, the local population and your business.

4.      Become The Hotel Of Choice

Not only will installing EV charging stations increase the numbers of people who will consider your hotel for their next stay but providing EV charging stations will help to increase the numbers who consider your hotel as a destination for meetings, conferences or to grab a bite to eat. Providing people with a charging solution while they attend meetings or enjoy one of your tasty meals will ensure you become the hotel of choice going forward. For those who may be on a road trip looking for a bite to eat but also somewhere to charge their vehicle, your hotel will be positioned well to cater to their needs.

With more and more people swapping to electric vehicles, a location where electric vehicles can be charged will become the destination of choice for events and meetings going forward putting you front of mind.

5.      Government Support

The Irish government offers tax incentives on EV charging points under the Accelerated Capital Allowance Program. As a hotel you’ll be able to write off the cost of buying and installing the EV charging stations which will reduce your tax bill and increase cash flow.

EV Chargers for Hotels with TSG Charge

If you’re interested in providing your guests and customers with electric vehicle charging points and want to ensure you get the best charging solution, then contact us here at TSG Charge on 01 461 9800. We can provide you with the services you require, install these services and maintain the infrastructure for your EV charging solution.

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